PC MADNESS: Southwark Council BLASTED After THREATENING To BLOCK Young Dad over “Offensive Words” after he complained about poor sanitation in his childrens home

LABOUR-RUN Southwark Council has been blasted online after the local authority threatened to block a young father on social media who complained about shocking levels of sanitation at his children’s temporary accommodation.Young-dad Danny Bleach, 33 from London hit out after his youngest son almost stepped on a used needle on the Aylesbury Estate in South East London.Mr Bleach told Politicalite: “I was taking them to their Mum’s house that’s in temp accommodation and as we got out of the lift, my youngest nearly stepped on a used needle.” He added: “There’s crack heads on each staircase, Mice running wild and cockroaches everywhere due to food being constantly thrown out of windows.”After cleaning up the mess himself, Dan videoed the shocking conditions and posted the footage to social media asking Southwark “Where are your cleaning teams???”  Southwark ignored their own failings and refused to accept their responsibility in favour of making a PC statement to ensure no one was harmed by ‘offensive words’They replied to Mr Bleach and said they would BLOCK his account if he used repeated “inappropriate and offensive language.”Twitter users hit back at the jobsworth council worker behind the account with one user writing: “You’re more upset about the language than the fact young kids could pick up the used needles. One day the Revolution will come and the guillotine will be built”Peter Farrell said: “You’re a joke you’re warning the guy about offensive and inappropriate language yet the bigger picture is what if his kids pick the needles up!!! Absolute shocking reply to a concerned father who has a right to bring this to your attention. Hold your head in shame.”Lauren said: “Request cleaning? Isnt it your job as the council to keep your streets clear of filth?”Another user added: “Every parent has the right to complain especially about something as serious as this,would you not complain if it was your children,only God knows how many times it has been reported,if this is an on going problem surely it wouldn’t take much to send a van round places like this”One user hit the nail on the head and said: “Yeah, it’s definitely the hurty words that are the problem here.”Skidders wrote: “Get your f***ing act together. Pigs live in healthier environments than this.”” They then started to block users complaining about their own response. As Dan arrived to do the School run this morning, more than 16 hours after making his complaint – the dirty needles are still there, with more young children at risk. It’s not the first time the council has been criticised over shocking living conditions on the Aylesbury.In 2017 property expert Phil Spencer blasted the council when he filmed on the Aylesbury Estate after a couple exposed shocking living conditions.

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The property expert was on hand to help out families who have been forced into homelessness in no circumstances of their own.He said: “Not only is it completely unbelievable, it’s also completely unacceptable… “This is a lot worse than I expected.“This is a really hardworking couple, they’re doing everything right.“They’re going to work, they’re paying their taxes, and yet this accommodation – it’s awful!”Southwark Council failed to respond to requests for comment. 

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