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POLITICALITE INVESTIGATES: How are left-wing sites such as The Canary and Evolve covering the Jared O’Mara scandal?

POLITICALITE believes all political news should be reported, even if that news is bad for the political agenda we support.

Regular readers of Politicalite will know that we are a right-leaning outlet – readers of other “DIY” news websites will also know that their websites also lean to a particular political persuasion.

Now, you may think I’m calling out the leftie blogs because I’m right-wing, absolutely not. I’m sure readers expect these websites to stick to their ‘”mission” and “expose injustice, inequality and unfairness within UK politics, and throughout society in general.” (Evolves words)

Evolve and the Canary usually provide fair reports on the issues they are trying to push, and despite holding different political views to me, it’s never a bad thing to have an alternative to the mainstream press.

What strikes me as odd, is the fact that the “progressive and fair” publications such as The Canary and Evolve would choose to ignore one of the biggest political stories of the week (that first broke on MONDAY)

Would they have any reports or even an opinion piece about an MP who is a sexist, homophobic pig? Labour MPs have publicly called out Jared O’Mara and the Sheffield Hallam MP has even had the whip withdrawn.

So how many articles have these supposedly “independent” outlets published about O’Mara?

The Canary: 0
Evolve Politics: 0

That’s right folks, ZERO.

The Canary says they are “completely independent of any advertisers, funders, companies, political organisations, or political parties.”

They also say “The team at The Canary believes that a free, fair and fearless media is the bedrock of a functioning democracy because, for democracy to work, it requires informed consent from its citizens… We intend to help generate that informed consent by providing our readers with high-quality, well-researched and incisive journalism that holds power to account.”

Evolve describes itself as “a truly independent, shared equity media outlet, providing incisive news reporting and investigative journalism that highlights and exposes injustice, inequality and unfairness within UK politics, and throughout society in general.”

They also add “Evolve Politics will focus on breaking political news, ideas, and key developments, as well as cases of injustice, unfairness and inequality from across the UK, and the rest of the world.”

If they are really so independent, then why are they so afraid to report on a Labour MP who has been exposed as a fraud? Will their paymasters not allow such a thing?

Is the Canary acting fearless on the issue of Jared O’Mara? Are they holding power to account? Of course not, they aren’t really independent.

If a Conservative MP was in the same position, The Canary and Evolve would be all over this, but they are in “Blackout Mode” and that folks, is how democracy dies. In darkness.

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