Pr-idiots: Why I no longer feel any pride in Gay Pride

Some gay people are Tories, Get over it. 

PRIDE was once the annual place to be for any young gay man, a lesbian or bisexual person.

Pride once stood for something, It stood for equal rights and tolerance – for shared goals and aspirations, for a future where every little fabulous queer could be accepted for who they were.

In recent years – the annual Pride events have been hijacked by left wing extremists and Pr-idiots.

Pride has always been political, but to openly see fellow gay people hating on other members of the LGBT community for having a difference of political persuasion is down right wrong and goes against what Pride stands for.

If we are to be proud, then we need to accept each other in all our wonderful forms and not just when it suits our own opinion or political narrative. 

A recent tweet by this ‘Pr-idiot’ sums this up:

I no longer feel proud to a part of Pride, it has turned into something sinister.

When people’s personal political beliefs mean they are some sort of ‘second-class’ member of the LGBT community then something is deeply wrong.

TORIES such as David Cameron gave people like me the right to marry,  The Scottish Tory Leader is a Lesbian….how many of the Left wing parties can say the same?


It is surprising, but I’m more accepted in 2017 by my ‘macho’ typical lad (inverted commas because they use more hairspray than me) straight friends and people who you would assume to be against LGBT people, than gays themselves. 

It is certain gay people that are against right-wing gays just because they have a difference of a political opinion.

I will never forget my last visit at a Pride event – purposely kissing a leftie in a ‘Never kissed a Tory’ T-Shirt, then to reveal I was one… the look on his face was priceless.

So this pride, like the past two – I shall celebrate my own kind of Pride as an equal, down the local pub around those who accept me for who I actually am, rather for who they’d rather me be.

Some gay people are Tories, Get over it.

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