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QUEUE FACED: EastEnders Banter HITS OUT at Shane Nolan’s Holly and Phil #BeKind hypocrisy  

SHANE Nolan has been slammed by social media star EastEnders Banter after he took to Twitter to troll a dinner lady on his own post calling for social media users to #BeKind to the disgraced daytime duo Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. 

The son of EastEnders legend Shane Richie and Loose Women panellist Coleen Nolan waded in to the This Morning queue-gate row and told Twitter users to “be kind”, slamming some 70,000 Brits who signed a petition to axe the ITV hosts for alleged queue-jumping. 

Despite Phillip Schofield’s alleged abuse and grooming of a young showrunner called Mathew McGreevy, who was at the centre of the Phillip Schofield scandal in 2020, the star hit out at ITV viewers.

GROOM CUPBOARD: Phillip, Mathew McGreevy and Holly in 2014 – CREDIT: Manchester Evening News

“Not sure about a petition to get Phillip and Holly sacked off ITV. Absolutely embarrassing behaviour if you’ve signed that . I see that #bekind movement is doing things ??‍♂️??‍♂️”

He then replied to a Twitter user who said “It’s embarrassing to be Coleeen Nolan’s son” due to her bullying of Celebrity Big Brother co-star Kim Woodburn – who is political Twitter’s official minister for Tackling Adultery and Ganghandedness.

EastEnders Banter was having none of it though. 

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Speaking exclusively to Politicalite, the social media soap meme icon said: “Two faced Shane needs to pipe down!! The hypocrisy of Shane Nolan is too much.”

“Banging the “be kind” drum is so tiring and two faced as he clearly demonstrates on Twitter.”


“Did he feel “be kind” was demonstrated when his mother – Colleen Nolan and her Loose Women cronies rounded on Kim Woodburn?”

“People in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones! What really gets my goat is Z list celebrities preaching to get their name out there with the aim of free publicity and giving off a holier than thou persona – well Mr Nolan, you’ve failed miserably and we see you for what you are – a carbon copy of your mother!”

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KIM Woodburn launched a savage attack on This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, claiming she is “appalled by them.”

The How Clean Is Your House host, 80, called for the ITV duo to be sacked for “lying” in a damning interview.

She told GB News: “Their self-serving publicity stunt came back to bite them on the bum, didn’t it? I’m appalled by them.”

“There were many people in that queue, people with wheelchairs and walking sticks. And Holly and Phillip think because they are on TV they can flout the rules.”

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“They’re telling lies and they’ve been caught. They’re cocky, they’re self-assured and they are disliked intensely.”


“They should be fired and the crew would say, ‘Yippee. We’ve had enough of these two idiots. They won’t be missed.’”


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