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Raheem Kassam: ‘Why Aren’t #MeToo Feminists Protesting Amazons Links to FGM Supporters?’

Fox News

RAHEEM Kassam hit out at Amazon and Jeff Bezos after it emerged that the multi-billion dollar company was supporting charities with ties to Islamic extremism.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos came under fire for allowing donations to charities backed by controversial British imam whose teachings include the punishment for adultery should be stoning, support for FGM, anti-Semitic remarks and comments defending domestic violence.

Fox News

The donations were made through Amazon Smile, Amazon’s charity programme which lets online shoppers donate a small percentage of their purchase’s value to charity according to reports.

Among the charities, TWO were backed by Haitham al-Haddad, an Islamic imam described as a “hardcore Islamist” and a man identified by the British government as an “Islamist speaker.”

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Mr Kassam, 32 who is the Former Breitbart London Editor and ex-Cheif Advisor to former UKIP leader Nigel Farage asked a very good question: “Why Aren’t #MeToo Feminists Protesting Amazons Links to FGM Supporters?”

Fox News

Appearing on Fox News’ hit Laura Ingraham show he slammed Theresa May’s weak government: “The British Government isn’t exactly hot on the heels of Radical Islam” said Kassam.

“He’s called Jews apes and pigs, said Men don’t need to explain why they beat their wives.”

Kassam hit out at Feminists and asked Why the #MeToo Feminists who are banging on the Supreme Court doors over Justice Kavanaugh, banging on the doors of this Islamic Cleric who wants women’s clitorises mutilated?”

Watch the full video above.



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