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Rest In Peace Khun Vichai

Editor’s Note: Following the tragedy of the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Leicester City’s owner and four others we received the below from the DFLA Leicester Branch.

There are no words big enough to describe how Leicester feels today. Broken hearts and numb souls writing and reading tributes through floods of tears. Khun Vichai, the head of our blue and white family, you were taken far too soon. May you rest in peace and may we always feel your energy around us, your hand on our shoulder and your warm smile reminding us to believe, to be fearless and to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

You didn’t just throw money into our football club or invest in our city, you didn’t just aid the vulnerable and sick, you didn’t just give us the best day of our lives as Champions of England and Champions League quarter-finalists, you joined our family, you took our traditions and culture and values and made them your own. You knew we were blue and you kept us blue. And then you made us the brightest and shiniest version of blue we could possibly be.

The warm glow around you will be your legacy and we the people of Leicester pledge to carry on the vision you started. Keep the belief, hold to our values and traditions fearlessly. You looked at us a knew we were worth guiding. As a club and as a community.

Khun Vichai these tears are going to take a while to dry and the broken hearts a while to fix but you leave us a happier and stronger community. A City that tasted ecstasy with a hunger to reach newer heights again and again. And even though today is as painful as it could possibly be, I can feel your hand on my shoulder and your warm smile and you don’t have to say a word. Your smile says it all. Be a fox. Believe. Foxes never quit. TWAS.


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