REVEALED: FBI Detained Avi Yemini Following COLLUSION with Comedy Central

AUSSIE Journalist Avi Yemini was denied entry to the United States of America following alleged connections between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Comedy Central’s parent company, Viacom, TR.NEWS and Politiclaite can reveal.

The U.S. Government agency was accused of having ‘links’ to the U.S. media giant and used them to BAN Avi Yemini from entering the States after he exposed Comedy Central’s ‘The Jim Jefferies in an undercover sting that revealed shocking editorial standards and bias.

The companies chief security officer is a former FBI Special Agent who was in charge of the New York counter terror division, the same FBI division who detained and subsequently deported Avi Yemini.

Carlos T. Fernandez retired after 21 years in the agency before taking up the lead security position in Viacom.

Earlier this month, Yemini attempted to enter the U.S. at LAX airport only to be detained by the FBI.

Yemini said he arrived in the country for a “national tour against fake news” following his Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central expose.

When the FBI first detained Yemini, he jokingly pointed at the agents and said “Comedy Central”, he was later deported and sent back to Australia and had his passport confiscated, only to be handed back after he was on Australian soil.

Yemini said he was surprised when one of the FBI agents responded “we are a separate entity to Comedy Central… they are just the informants”.

Comedy Central and Jim Jefferies have buried their heads in the sand, in an attempt to let the controversy ‘blow over, refusing to comment on the hugely damning expose.

“Their silence speaks for itself,” Yemini said.

“But this new information raises many more questions that have to be answered”, he added

Thousands of people have taken to social media to condemn the Viacom owned network, that also runs Channel 5, the UK’s fifth terrestrial network, and also owns MTV, BET, Spike and children’s network ‘Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

Many have called on Comedy Central and Jefferies to take responsibility

The defamatory content is still available online and on cable TV.

“The question here is; did Mr Fernandez use his FBI connections to have me detained and deported last week? Or is this really just a coincidence”.

Comedy Central did not respond to requests for comment.

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