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REVEALED: Vladimir Putin is DYING of Cancer, claim Pentagon sources 

MAD Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin is dying from terminal bowel cancer, it has been claimed. 

The Russian leader reportedly shows signs of being on cancer steroid treatment with a puffy face and a sour look and is using the Ukraine invasion to leave a legacy. 

An ex-military intelligence officer now working at the Pentagon said that analysts who have been studying Putin, 69, believe he is gravely ill.

The source told a British newspaper: “In the past, we have seen him smile, but in 2022 there are few pictures of him looking happy.

“His look suggests he is in pain and our people suggest his angry look is most likely as a result of him being in agony.” 

“Our people are confident he is ill – he is concerned about Covid as he keeps his staff at a distance.” added the source. 

Britain’s Lord Owen also suggested Steroid treatment telling Time Radio: “Look at his face, see how that has changed – he now has an oval face.” 

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“People who said, oh, it’s plastic surgery or Botox, I don’t believe that at all.”

 “He’s on either anabolic steroids as a bodybuilder – and he’s very proud of his muscles and strips to the waist and everything like that – or he’s on corticosteroids.”

“If you’re on these drugs, this gives you this face.” 

More follows. 

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