ROAD KILL: New Stats Reveal Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents


THERE are a number of reasons why car accidents happen and can range from anything from bad driving habits through to complete carelessness from the driver. 

As you can imagine then, many of these accidents are totally avoidable providing that as a driver you are always aware of your surroundings and stay patient at all times. You should also, of course, stick to all of the speed limits and highway restrictions that are in place.

Below are some of the most common things that cause car accidents out on the open road, which includes things like being distracted, being tired, and driving whilst under the influence.

Being distracted by food or your cell phone

Whilst many states have fines in place for those drivers caught using their cell phone whilst driving a vehicle, you will be surprised by just how many people still do this. There is a good reason why the fines are in place, because you are two times more likely to have a car accident whilst texting than what you are being drunk. This is because it seriously impacts on your reaction time. Before setting off on a car journey, put your cell phone on silent mode. Despite there currently being no laws about driving and eating, by doing it you could be exposing both yourself and other road users to undue risk. If you do need to eat then you should find a safe place to pull over and consume the food there whilst stationary. Never eat whilst diving as you need both hands on the wheel.

Being tired or drowsy

For those times where you are struggling to stay awake for whatever reason, stay away from driving a vehicle. It is believed that, according to the latest police reports, that some two percent of all car accidents occur because of fatigue. This is not only limited to driving at night, as you can still be tired during the day or feeling drowsy as a result of the medication that you have just taken. 

Being under the influence of a substance

Taking some specific prescription drugs, illegal recreational drugs, or drinking alcoholic drinks are never good things to do prior to getting inside of a car and driving it. This is because they significantly impact on your driving ability and so not only put yourself in danger, but also endangers the lives of any other drivers or pedestrians who are out at the time. To avoid a potential accident, it is important to remember that if you are drinking alcohol, do not drive, and if you are driving, do not drink alcohol. 

If you have experienced a car accident it is important to understand What to do After a Car Accident  and How to File Police Report After Car Accident

Surprisingly and given how often car accidents occur, there are still many people who do not know what to do in this situation. For this very reason it is beneficial to do some research into this.

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