ROARING LAUGHTER: Tory-backed Guido Fawkes tries to DEFUND working-class Politicalite via Red Roar

A BLOG linked to Tory stooge Guido Fawkes “The Red Roar” has attempted to launch a smear campaign against Politicalite branding the gay, mixed race, working-class editor Jordan James as a “Far-Right” Islamophobe because the site speaks out against Islamic Extremism, Rape Gangs and Islamic Homophobia.

The Guido sock puppet site said: “Far-right Politicalite carries a purpose-made Sky Bet page on its website offering readers £20 in free bets, and is likely to receive a referral bonus for each reader signed up.”

THE TRUTH: We don’t receive a referral fee – it’s simply advertising.

They claimed: “The website is full of Islamophobic posts, including one where the site’s editor Jordan James boasts of being banned from Facebook for 24 hours for making the generalisation that Muslims “throw [women and gays] off buildings and stone them to death”. The article finishes with a graphic reading “fuck Islam”. In another rant, James appears to refer to Muslims as “the enemy within”.”

THE TRUTH: We have a fear of RADICAL ISLAM and not moderate Muslims, we also speak out about Islamic Homophobia and the fact many Muslim men have to lead double lives and marry due to their strict religious teachings on same-sex marriage.

They said: ” It also promoted the conspiracy theory that Sajid Javid lied about receiving a threatening “Punish a Muslim Day” letter.”

THE TRUTH: Sajid Javid DID lie about receiving a Punish a Muslim day letter. He admitted it in a tweet and said he “borrowed the picture”

The blog also said: “Politicalite also devotes many articles to defending anti-Islam far-right figures including Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern who was previously banned from the UK.”

THE TRUTH: We do defend Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern – we don’t agree with all their points – we just believe in their right to freedom of speech.

The Red Roar’s attack on Politicalite is laughable. The left is supposed to support Homosexuals and Ethnic Minorities – but when we have alternative views to them, they try to silence us – it won’t work, but we don’t think it’s from the left – we believe it’s from Paul Stains.

The Red Roar has been linked to the Tory stooge known as Guido Fawkes and he promoted the so-called Labour blog on his website a few months back.

Zelo Street revealed: “I Recently I checked out The Red Roar, a site covering Labour-related issues, which was, in reality, doing little more than attempting to put the boot into anyone and everyone who was not opposed to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The thought occurred at the time that this operation may have some link to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. Now that thought has become a racing certainty.”

“A further parallel with The Great Guido is the occasional morsel of information about goings-on around Parliament. And then we come to an amateurish attempt to curry favour with the Murdoch press, “Canny Brooks outfoxes Guardian hacks at West End showing”.

Tory-backed Paul Staines could be trying to silence criticism of the Tory party from the real political right in Britain.

A representative from the company that promotes betting brands on Politicalite said: “We are surprised at all this, but we will work with you to resolve the issues whilst we investigate.”

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