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ROYAL ROW: Kate Accused of Using Sarah Everard Vigil in ‘PR Stunt’

THE DUCHESS of Cambridge was slammed on social media last night after being accused of using the brutal murder of Sarah Everard to boost the image of the Royal Family following the Royal Race row.

Kate visited the memorial in South London for Sarah Everard, close to where the 33-year-old went missing but the move was seen as a ‘calculated’ PR stunt by many in Twitter.

Kate Middleton pays tribute at Sarah Everard vigil because she 'remembers what it is like to walk alone in London'

Sunday Times best selling author Mikey Walsh said: “So The Police hung back tonight, just long enough for the Duchess to get her “Secret” photo op, then they moved in to slam girls heads to the ground.”

“Please, Don’t come into my mentions Telling me The Duchess Photo wasn’t a set up…”No security” & No Mask, just to make sure we all got a picture of her ‘sad face’.. Must think people are thick as sh*t. The Royals made a vigil over a murdered girl an opportunity for them.”

“And GUESS Who’s On the Front Page of Every UK Paper tomorrow!… My GOD this country is run by utter shameless Cnuts.”

His view was echoed by Louise who wrote: “a poor girl was murdered and the only thing the media focuses on is kate middleton this is about sarah everard and violence against women stop making everything about that family”

Another wrote: “incredible. kate middleton, who was recently revealed to be a bitch, went to a sarah everard memorial site without a mask on so that people would be sure to see her face and now this cover on a sunday paper. so calculated.”

The Duchess made the visit to Clapham Common on Saturday afternoon to pay her respects to Ms Everard and her family in the wake of the marketing executive’s murder.

Sarah Everard: An 'incredibly kind friend' who was hugely excited for her future

She visited a bandstand in the south London park where dozens of floral tributes have been placed for Ms Everard, whose body was formally identified on Friday.

She was seen pausing in front of the sea of tributes, which have grown substantially in the last day.

Sarah Everard vigil live: Updates as police make arrests in Clapham Common - MyLondon

As well as flowers, the memorial also features signs, with the duchess seen near a sign reading “I am Sarah”.

It is understood Kate also made the visit in part because she remembers what it felt like to walk around London at night before she got married.

Vigils had been organised across the UK in memory of Ms Everard, as well as to urge that more is done to tackle violence against women.

Organisers Reclaim These Streets announced that a vigil planned for Saturday in Clapham Common had been cancelled and said a “virtual gathering” will take place instead.

A fundraiser set up by the group for women’s charitable causes was less than £10,000 away from its £320,000 target as the virtual gathering began shortly after 6pm.

Reclaim These Streets has also encouraged people to join a doorstep vigil at 9.30pm, with the group saying it would be joining people across the country and “shining a light, a candle, a torch, a phone, to remember Sarah Everard and all the women affected by and lost to violence”.

More follows.

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