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ROYAL SERVED: Prince Andrew to face Virginia Roberts in the US after High Court Intervention



PRINCE Andrew will be forced to face his alleged sexual assault victim in a US court after the British High Court agreed to serve him legal papers.

The Duke of York, 61, “cannot refuse” the official documents – and he’ll have 21 says to respond.

The Sun revealed that the High Court had agreed to step in after he tried to avoid the case on a technicality and hid out at the Queen’s castle in Scotland.

David Boies, lawyer Ms Giuffre, told The Sun: “The bottom line is Prince Andrew is being served.”

Who is Virginia Roberts Giuffre and how is she linked to Prince Andrew?

“That is the substance of what the High Court says. He cannot refuse.”

“Andrew may try to deny the complaint”, he added, but his lawyers would then have to provide testimony and supporting documents.”

“Or he could try to challenge the jurisdiction of the US court – despite being served – and argue he is not subject to New York jurisdiction.”

“Either way he will have just 21 days to respond.”

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