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SEEING RED: Labour MPs ‘biggest concern’ right now is WatsApp Microagressions 

DAWN Butler was the butt of jokes on Sunday after the Labour MP complained about ‘micro-aggressions’ on the popular messaging platform Wattapp. 

The North-London MP for Brent Central took to Twitter to bemoan the non-issue and asked her 104k followers “if they had any stories they would like to share.” 

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“Good morning, I’m thinking of writing an article about micro aggressions in whatsapp groups.”

“I’m just wondering if others have any stories they would like to share?”

The tweet saw a hilarious backlash with Labour firefighter Paul Emberry writing: “Good to see senior Labour figures focusing on how to win back the Red Wall seats.”

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Alisha asked the MP: “What is a micro aggression?”

Whilst another reminded the Member of Parliament that some people might be angry due to MP’s expenses. 

One working-class voter said: “The ‘microagression’ was probably a working class person with an accent speaking the truth.”

Kathleen said: “Take a look at yourslf, you are probably responsible for many of them.” 

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Giles joked: “Finally someone is grasping the nettle and tackling the big issues everyone is concerned about. Thank you!”

Herwood replied: “Do you mean that former Labour Mayor in Brent who shared antisemitic material in a Labour WhatsApp group? Do you think that counts as a micro aggression?”

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A Microaggression is a term used for brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioural, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward any group, particularly culturally marginalized groups.

In 2015, The American website Vox claimed Microagressions could also be related to racism. 

“An Asian-American student is complimented by a professor for speaking perfect English, but it’s actually his first language.”

“A black man notices that a white woman flinches and clutches her bag as she sees him in the elevator she’s about to enter, and is painfully reminded of racial stereotypes.” 

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“A woman speaks up in an important meeting, but she can barely get a word in without being interrupted by her male colleagues.” 

“There’s a name for what’s happening in these situations, when people’s biases against marginalized groups reveal themselves in a way that leaves their victims feeling uncomfortable or insulted: microaggressions.”





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