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SHE REALLY IS VERUCA! Jo Swinson Denies Claims She ‘Fired Stones’ At Squirrels

REMAINER Jo Swinson denied claims she attacked animals after a ‘fake news’ story went viral claiming that the Lib Dem leader had attacked Squirrels. 

Following on from demanding that her Liberal daddies such as Jolon Moron to get her a place in ITV’s Election Debate… (that was kicked out of court yesterday,) social media was buzzing with claims that she fired stones at squirrels.

Tweets claimed to show a Daily Mirror story that had the headline: “Jo Swinson blasted by animal rights charities after “harrowing” footage found on private Facebook”.

Swinson hit back at the claims and said: “This sort of fake news is surprising to me. This isn’t the only one of the very fake news stories.”

“There was one using the byline of an established journalist. There was one that used Peter Walker’s name from the Guardian and he had to go online to debunk it and say he never wrote it.”

“I do think it’s worrying because it echoes what we’ve seen in other elections and particularly when you think about fake news and the technological possibility for deepfakes where videos can be faked, then there are questions about the role of publishers in circulating these things that aren’t true.

“It’s very difficult to prevent its spread.”

The fake headlines followed the Lib Dems being exposed for sending false leaflets that claimed the party was ‘neck and neck’ with the Tories in dozens of constituencies. 

More follows. 

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