SHUT IT, STUCH: Exposing Mike Stuchbery’s Fake News on the so-called ‘Far-Right’

THE TITLE of a recent piece that far-left activist, Mike Stuchberry farted out was “A spike in far-right radicalisation should terrify us – here’s how to stop it in its tracks.” is littered with falsehoods and bias.

Mike claimed a 36% spike in far-right radicalisation, with a drop of 14% risk of radicalisation among Muslims. Wow, let’s clap it up for Muslims who are apparently stepping away from the extremist trail after all these years of beheadings and bombings. Let’s examine the figures instead.

In 2017 only 8% of referrals to the Prevent programme were deemed to be far-right.

The headlines ran with the scaremongering title Rightwing extremists involved in nearly a third of terror referrals. Given the fact that the UK is a predominantly Caucasian country, it should worry people that more than two-thirds of extremists are non-white (going on the basis that one would presume that only Caucasian people can be far-right). That is a terrifying figure. Also bear in mind that Mike mentions the murder of Jo Cox, which, together with the Finsbury Park mosque white van driver, are incidents committed by people with long-standing histories of bad mental health.

They were not part of any organised group of far-right people. And never forgetting that what constitutes a far-right bent these days can be nothing more than mean tweets (think Fiyaz Mughal and his lies about Islamophobic hate crimes in order to continue getting governmental funding for TellMama).

Mike whines about the use of social media being to blame for people developing ‘right-wing’ views. He bemoans the lack of censorship on people’s smartphones and tablets, and the fact that information is bypassing mainstream media channels (like the corrupt BBC). His solution to all of this wrongthink that has arisen from technology is “to tame the beast we must starve it.” Starving, as Mike’s bloated belly shows, is not something Mike is an expert on, and so I wouldn’t rush to take him up on any kind of dietary advice, electronic or otherwise.

Mike is all about censorship and he pleads for more in his article. It should be noted that Mike was let go from his teaching position for banning the word ‘banter’ from the classroom. The very silencing tactics that Hitler himself would have approved of.

But banning words isn’t enough for Mike, no, now he is calling for social media giants to silence anyone who doesn’t hold a left-wing mindset.

He actively, and laughably, calls for a return to the halcyon days (in his mind) where there was ever an unbiased control over print and broadcast media. Bear in mind that virtually all media giants these days lean very heavily to the left, spew out lies and propaganda, and give us nothing more than fake and biased news.

YouTube is another channel that draws Mike’s ire because he claims that people are being radicalised by it.

Mike is no stranger to radicalisation. He talks about Tommy Robinson knocking on the door of the parents of a vulnerable young man who Mike and his online friends (Resisting Hate and their vile racist trolling friends, all of whom are disgusting racist, homophobes, and transphobes).

The truth of the matter is that Mike, an adult who is usually responsible for the development of young minds in his teaching capacity, encouraged this silly young boy in his efforts to doxx Tommy Robinson’s home address as well as sharing and retweeting pictures of Tommy’s home online when it was found.

This put the young man in danger, and it put the well-being of Tommy’s wife and his children at risk. It wasn’t long before pictures started appearing on twitter of Tommy’s house as people sinisterly stopped to take pictures of it at night.

Mike played his part in that. Mike has called people to violence on Twitter before, from the safety of his living-room, with a Greggs steak bake or two in hand, no doubt.

He has told people to “Punch them. Punch them. Never stop punching them.”

People’s livelihood is another contention for Mike. He bemoans the amount of money that Tommy Robinson gets in donations, donations that people freely and willingly give, labelling it as “dreary” that people can crowdfund in order to support their endeavours.

The ironic thing is that Mike also attempts to crowdfund for himself, but unlike Mr Robinson, who needs the money for legal fees and to support a family, Mike raises money by presenting himself as a victim.

Read his gofundme page. It is one long whine that blames everyone but himself for his lot in life, everything from a bad moving company (when he moved homes) to having terrible neighbours.

The Syrian boy (allegedly a bully himself) who had some water poured on his face, and who made a very pretty penny out of the situation, and who has gone on to attempt to sue Facebook in a bid to make even more money, is also touted by Mike as an example of far-right thuggery arising from the atmosphere created by Brexit.

Bullying is never okay. We have recently seen a white girl being viciously beaten by a gang of black schoolgirls and there was no crowdfunding for her, and nary a peep from Mike.

The problem with today’s bullying is that kids are filming things and putting them online, which of course makes for harrowing viewing, but I’ve been bullied far worse in my lifetime than having some water thrown on my face.

The likely reason, in my opinion, that the Syrian boy made so much money is because the far-left have too strong a hold on the public narrative which forms their opinion.

The boy was painted as being a poor refugee who was being picked on by white kids, and his life had been hard enough because he was fleeing a war-zone, and he shouldn’t have to endure this kind of humiliation in the land in which his family sought refuge. I agree. No one should suffer any kind of bullying or humiliation, but leave the melodrama out of it.

It’s all a little bit similar to Ahmed, the clock boy, whose clock looked (intentionally?) like a bomb, and who got invited to the White House and whose family then spent their waking hours seeing who they could sue to make some cash.

The moral of this story is that the only person who should be de-platformed and silenced is Mike Stuchbery. He is an online agitator who runs with the very worst of the left-wing trolls while trying to cover himself in a blanket of righteousness.

Mike isn’t for dialogue and debate. He is not a fan of differing opinions. He’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the far-left – all name-calling and no debating.

Journalism should be impartial. It should present the facts with no intention to control a reader’s mindset. If you’re writing for newspapers, run on the assumption that it will be adults who are purchasing them, and that the reader will come to his or her own conclusion about the events being related, so long as they are presented in a factual and unbiased way with no agenda behind the writing.

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