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SPEED SQUAD: Priti Trials Royal Navy Speed Boat Defender to Catch Migrants

HOME Secretary Priti Patel is trialling a state-of-the-art squad of speed boat surveillance technology that would fit right in a James Bond movie, in an effort to halt the swarm of migrants from France.

The 41-foot unmanned super speed boats with inteligent radar and HD cameras are capable of speeds of more than 40 knots and have been tested in the straits of Dover.

The boats will attempt be detect migrant boats and catch smugglers and dispatch agent on Jet Ski’s to send migrants back to France.

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MIGRANT INVASION: UK see's HIGHEST Record of Migrants as 409 Illegals Reach  Dover in 27 Boats - Politicalite UK

The Telegraph reports that the programme, known as ‘MADFOX’ is controlled from a master Royal Navy vessel, and will deploy Border Force agents on jet skis.

The UK’s clandestine channel threat commander, Dan O’Mahoney told The Telegraph: “We are working day and night to secure our borders and to stop small boats crossing the channel.”

“This new technology could help in our mission to make these crossing unviable by gathering evidence for prosecutions, preventing uncontrolled landings and supporting operations to save lives at sea.”


Parts of this article courtesy of The Daily Telegraph


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