SPORTS: WWE Intercontinental Championship May Become The Highlight Of The Blue Brand

THE INTERCONTINENTAL Championship is a wrestling championship in the World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Although the Intercontinental champion is one of the secondary championships of the WWE, The title was first introduced in 1979 and has since then been held by many legends of the WWE, The current champion is Shinsuke Nakamura and WWE legend Chris Jericho has had the most 9 reigns as champion.

This past week on WWE SmackDown Live the New Intercontinental title was unveiled by the champion Shinsuke Nakamura. The title is made of Zinc Alloy and looks much better than the old intercontinental belt.

Many WWE legends have held the Intercontinental championship in the past but in the last few years, the title was being overlooked by the WWE in a sense that no riveting storylines around the title were being shown. 

In the past Jericho, Hardy, Mysterio has all been involved in storylines which were a hit amongst the audience and showed that the Intercontinental championship held significant value. 

Although now it seems like the Intercontinental championship is going to get more interesting storylines as many popular and talented wrestlers would be now competing for the title, Shinsuke Nakamura the current Intercontinental champion is one of the top performers in WWE and with him holding the Intercontinental Championship it is bound to get much attention from the WWE fans as well. 

With Daniel Bryan also rumored to compete for the title, it seems like the involvement of top performers and popular fighters such as Nakamura and Bryan would certainly help in the Intercontinental championship gaining back its past popularity.

With the unveiling of the new Intercontinental Championship belt, it can also be seen that the WWE is planning on focusing on the title more and that would mean better storylines and much more talented superstars competing for the coveted title. Latest Wrestling News revolves around how Shinsuke Nakamura is all set to face a top WWE superstar for the championship. 

The Intercontinental championship has been a part of WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown Live and gets shuffled around during the WWE drafts, but with Vince McMahon claiming that there would be no drafts for some time now, the title is set to remain a part of the SmackDown brand, which would give the WWE time to build the title back up.

When the title was first introduced in the WWF, Intercontinental first stood for North and South America, but its meaning has been redefined over the years. Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and all the others who held the title during the late 1990s and early 2000s gave everything to the title and left no stone unturned in order to make the title valuable, even WWE was investing in the storylines revolving around the titles, but as of late the title had just gone down and lost some of its importance but with now the WWE changing the title belt and with top talent of the company challenging for the title, it seems like the title is all set to become important once again.

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