SPOT ON! Johnson wasn’t wrong about working-class Hoodrats


BORIS Johnson has been widely slammed by the Liberal London bubble after historical comments about the lower-class were exposed during the election campaign, but this working-class news outlet agrees with him. 

Unlike his all but one predecessor who wanted to Hug Hoodrats… Boris has said it how it is. 

Boris made claims that children of working mothers on lower incomes were “unloved and undisciplined” and more likely to become “hoodies” who would “mug you on the street corner”.

Last month it was revealed that in a 1995 column in The Spectator, Mr Johnson described the children of single mothers as “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate”… a little like Boris himself, the ladies man who’s allegedly been blessed with dozens of illegitimates thanks to his uncontrollable Johnson.

In the same column he also said that the “blame” was not on “uppity and irresponsible women” for getting pregnant because it was their “natural desire” and there was only a limited “pool” of men.

In the newly disclosed quotes, Mr Johnson wrote: “In the last 30 years an ever-growing proportion of British women have been ‘incentivised’ or socially gestapoed into the workplace, on what seems to me to be the dubious assumption that the harder a woman works the happier she will be, when I am not sure that is true of women or anyone else.”

He added: “The result is that in families on lower incomes the women have absolutely no choice but to work, often with adverse consequences for family life and society as a whole – in that unloved and undisciplined children are more likely to become hoodies, NEETS, and mug you on the street corner.”

Boris is spot on. 

Britain has a gang-related and knife-crime epidemic, our streets are controlled by county-lines gangs and Boris was able to make this woke realisation before it became popular. 

Britain needs a Prime Minister who understands the social problems and issues facing us, and most working-classes will take the Tory toff’s comments with a pinch of salt… the working-classes don’t mind saying it how it is! 

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