STARMER DEMANDS LOCKDOWN: Labour Leader CALLS FOR a Two-Week Circuit Breaker Lockdown

DURING a coronavirus press conference, current Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer asked Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a two to three week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown.

At the conference, the first whereby Starmer addressed the coronavirus specifically as the main topic, he called for a ‘two to three week circuit break in England’, citing SAGE’s recommendations. Johnson has come under criticism for ignoring their advice in favour of the three tier lockdown system instead, as opposed to anything national, among increased backbench pressure for more leniency over the subject matter.

He also stated that there was ‘no longer time to give this Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt’, noting that ‘the government’s plan simply isn’t working’. He also called for ‘a temporary set of clear and effective restrictions’ in order to get the R rate down, of which is currently at 1.2-1.5 around England, with the South West and East Anglia parts of the country being the highest when it comes to this.

He also felt that SAGE’s warnings of a ‘pandemic’ should be heeded, all the while criticising Boris Johnson for allegedly not following the ‘scientific evidence’, and urged him to ‘break the cycle’ of practices that ‘don’t work’, promising him that any measures he would take following Starmer’s preferred line would win a majority in the House Of Commons, indicating that Labour would back them under Starmer, accusing him of being more loyal to his party than the ‘national interest’ under the current plan.

He claimed that ‘following the science’ and ‘breaking the circuit’ would ‘get this virus under control’. He concluded by warning Johnson that he was ‘sleepwalking’ to a ‘bleak winter’ and argued that any further choice was the Prime Minister’s to ‘make’.



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