STUPID SARKAR: Communist Journalist Supports OPEN BORDERS Amid Lockdown

DESPITE many illegal migrants arriving on Britain’s coast, Novara Media ‘journalist’ Ash Sarkar has advocated for open borders, claiming that criticism of illegal immigration reflected badly on Britain.

In the tweet, she asked ‘what does it say about us as a country that we look at desperate people with fear and disgust, as they make their way to our shores across cold seas in unsafe boats?’ This is in response to the anger that many have felt towards the recent illegal immigration during the coronavirus lockdown, as highlighted by the MSM and in particular former MEP Nigel Farage, who covered the matter for his LBC radio show.

She received a heavy backlash online for this. User Tess Summers criticised the idea, suggesting that it was invalid as the migrants were coming from a ‘safe country’ from the ‘French Navy’ and user KazMc sarcastically claimed that they were ‘so desperate they travelled through safe country after safe country to get here’. User Nikki Page asked why France wasn’t considered a ‘safe country’ and TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer argued about what ‘does it say about us as a country that we can’t control our own borders?’

The current problems with immigration at the border have seen an increase of hundreds arriving, adding to the 20,703 who came last year, according to official government sources. The main person to bring this to light is former UKIP and Brexit Party MEP Nigel Farage, who covered it for his LBC show, and had the police come and question him over violating lockdown rules, leading to accusations of a political witch hunt.

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