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TAKING THE P155: Chief Constable of Kent Police KNELT for #BLM, but his force of THUGS ‘Attacks’ Patriotic Brits

CHIEF Constable of Kent Police – who’s force was accused of ‘attacking’ patriots in Dover today at an anti-illegal immigration rally, took the knee in solidarity with BLM in June.

Alan Pughsley who was dubbed “one top police officers” defended ‘taking the knee’ and was the first top copper in the country to submit to the Antifa mob. 

Bodycam video shows Kent police after-dark county lines drugs gang raids  with 42 arrests - Kent Live

Pughsley of Kent Police claimed it was an “act of humility” at an event in Gravesend in June 2020. 

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Kent Police explains why Chief Constable kneeled at Black Lives Matter  event in Gravesend - Kent Live

In September 2020, his force of thugs attacked a British veteran – leaving him with cuts to his eye. 

The Kent Police boss who earns £212,000-a-year was slammed for his forces actions towards British patriots. 

One ex-copper said the was “embarrased” over the move. 

Andy Capp told the Mail: “I’m now embarrassed that I was a police officer for 30 years. The shame that this brings upon the police service should not be under-estimated.” 

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KENT Police attacked a British Veteran who was filming events at the Dover protest earlier today. 

The activist who goes by the name of ‘Little Veteran’ on social media regularly posts videos from rallies across the UK. 

He was attacked by Kent Police simply for filming the events live to his YouTube channel. 

An Eyewitness told Politicalite that he was “handcuffed, arrested and detained.” by Kent Police. 

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Yesterday the force arrested one of Politicalite’s journalists for taking a migrant boat out to sea that was given the green light by an immigration official. 

Steve, 29 was arrested in Dover by Kent Police ahead of the planned protest against illegal immigration.

Kent Police was accused by US Congressman Paul Gosar of being “Very Soviet” and shared the situation on his Twitter feed.

A fellow citizen journalist, Active Patriot – who was also questioned by Police for more information earlier this week told Politicalite: “Steve has been arrested at Dover”

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