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TERROR FEARS: Anti-Terror Police Searched for ISLAMIST Bombs ahead of Telford Grooming Gang Expose

ANTI-Terror police searched for Islamist bombs ahead of a planned protest in Telford on Saturday.

The move came ahead of the highly-anticipated expose of Grooming Gangs by activist Tommy Robinson.

West Merica Police sources speaking on a condition of anonymity told Politicalite that they had feared reprisals from Islamist Extremists over brave Tommy’s expose.

An official West Merica Police spokesperson said: Officers have been liaising with those involved to minimise any disruption to the wider community on the day.”

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“There was an increased police presence in the area with plans in place to ensure a “proportionate and appropriate policing response.”

Supt Jamie Dunn added: “We know this event is causing concern within our local communities and follows a similar event earlier in the year. We have continued to work closely with our communities and the local authority to minimise disruption and to ensure both groups protest peacefully.”

More follows.

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