TERROR IN OZ: One Dead, Two Injured Following Melbourne Terror Attack – Suspect Dead


ONE Person has been confirmed dead following a ‘Terror Attack’ in Melbourne, Australia.

Another two have been injured, after a man described as an eyewitness as “Muslim” went on a stabbing rampage after setting his car on fire and stabbing several pedestrians. His car later ‘exploded’ in Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Video posted online and on our Facebook page shows the suspect, who appears to be a black male wielding a knife and attacking a two of police officers as brave members of the public try to ‘bring him down’ with a trolly and a chair. The man was later shot in the chest by one of the officers.

Sources say he was known to authorities and may have had links to convicted terror plotters.

One Eyewitnesses, Matty Lep, 39 was driving past when he witnessed the drama unfold, he told Politicalite that the driver looked “Muslim” and described the scene as “Chaos” adding “people were running everywhere and two people were stabbed apparently”

Superintendent David Clayton confirmed the suspect had stabbed three other people before attacking police.

“Passers-by were calling out that members of the public had been stabbed,” Supt Clayton said.

One of the victims has died, while the others have been taken to hospital with upper-body injuries. The condition of the surviving pair is unknown.

Three people were reportedly been taken to the hospital, One with a neck injury in suspected critical condition. Another with a head injury, their condition is unknown.

The police officers filmed in the video were not injured.

This is a developing story. 

More Follows.

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