Free Tommy

THE FIGHT BACK: Police RUN OFF streets of London after provoking Free Tommy supporters

SEVEN Thousand patriots descended on London yesterday to protest the jailing of right-wing activist Tommy Robinson.

The march started peacefully before scuffles broke out and at one point Met Police were chased down a side street by members of the Free Tommy movement.

The chaos was caused by the states jailing of Tommy, and after weeks of rising tensions between the public and the police this wasn’t a surprise.

Thousands attended the march peacefully, and were unaware that violence was breaking out.

Protesters clashed with Police at the gates of Downing Street with sticks, bottles and beer cans being thrown over the fence.

Scuffles broke out between the Police and Free Tommy protesters and at one point the police were chased down a side street by a group of lads after they were provoked.

One eyewitness exclusively told Politicalite: “The cops started provoking us and trying to kettle peaceful protesters, they soon realized their error when hundreds of us ran them off the streets.”

One protester threw a traffic cone into a police horse box, and others later stormed a tourist bus, posing on top with flags and masks.

They also yelled chants at the police including “Shame on you”, and “Oh Tommy Robinson”.

In total, Five people were arrested.

One was arrested for allegedly possessing an offensive weapon, two for allegedly assaulting a police officer and one was arrested for allegedly possessing a flare. Another was arrested for alleged criminal damage to a bus, police said.

More follows.

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