The Nigel Farage Mirage: Nige has lost it… it’s time to ignore this Establishment sellout

NIGEL Farage has lost it, for the past few months we have been trying to understand Mr Farage’s position on Islam and Tommy Robinson – but for some reason, we just couldn’t fathom it – then it hit us… Farage is a Mirage. 

He’s the former UKIP leader, but anyone would think he’s still the chief with his constant meddling in UKIP issues. He’s attacked current leader Gerard Batten and his support for working-class Britain.

Nige has sided with the Establishment in attacking the DFLA, The Free Tommy Movement and even anti-Islam rhetoric from UKIP – which is hugely popular.

It seems as though Mr Farage doesn’t want to attack the Establishment that he really loves – and it looks like he is simply controlled opposition.

Sources have told Politicalite that Mr Farage was “the reason” Tommy was denied entry to UKIP even though 94% of our own readers backed it.

The Founder of UKIP Alan Sked, a man who stood as a candidate in several parliamentary elections revealed that in the 1990s, Nige asked him to allow National Front candidates into the party, the National Front were a vile racist group – nothing like our Tommy.

Sked says he “Adamantly refused” and claimed that “it did happen” under Farage.

This week, Farage again attacked UKIP and the Free Tommy movement, by complaining about UKIP flags being waved outside The Old Bailey on his LBC show.

The former leader said he had warned Ukip against backing the ex-EDL leader, but said the party was “hellbent on doing so”.

Farage said: “I’ve been warning, and warning, and warning Ukip not to go in this direction – yet they seem hellbent on doing so.

“Right now, despite those 25 years of being part of it, I have to say I feel pretty semi-detached.

“I still sit as an MEP for the party in the European Parliament, but for me it’s very sad that Ukip is not focusing on Brexit, but other issues, social issues, Islam etc.”

Farage even attacked Brexit on Channel 5’s Mathew Wright earlier this year when he called for a second referendum.


The former Ukip leader said a second vote could be an opportunity to “kill off” Remainer protests “for a generation”, warning otherwise “the Cleggs, the Blairs, the Adonises will never, ever, ever give up”.

His proposal caused outrage among Brexiteers, who said Britain had already voted on leaving the EU and a second referendum was unnecessary.

Comedian and prominent Brexit supporter Lee Hurst said: “Please no, you’re wrong here.”

“Voter apathy will provide a Remain win. You of all people should know the EU has done this time and time again.

“I no longer vote now as I’m sick of the whole ‘democratic’ process.”

It seems Mr Farage is just a Controlled Political Mirage.

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