THE ONLY WAY IS UKIP: Brexit Depends On Batten’s Peoples Army

YESTERDAY, Boris Johnson was widely expected to stand-up and deliver a speech which many hoped would ‘save Brexit’ from the Chequers car-crash. So, did he deliver?

Let’s start with the good. Boris had plenty that was positive to say about Britain and it was certainly a speech that was all about looking forward (though when he did look back it was with rose-tinted spectacles, later).

He said: “We need to take one decision now before all others and that is to believe in this country and what it can do because the UK admirers across the world are fully expecting it to take back control.”

So far, so good? Yes, of course, but equally obviously this is motherhood and apple pie. Show me the politician who thinks believing in Britain is a bad idea and I will accept that this rhetorical flourish is a great and necessary thing. Even Jeremy Corbyn, who is far from Mr Patritorism, could agree with the above.

This is the rub. The speech was all flared-trousers and little real substance. Indeed, the substance that was there was disturbing. For example, this attempt to create a false dichotomy between yester-May and today’s May is flim-flam. The Lancaster House speech, far from being an example of principled brevity, is in actual fact by-and-large purposefully vague.

Little honesty comes from leading or indeed any Tories about the true disposition of Treason May simply because they are all too scared of an early General Election which they fear, with admittedly good reason, could cost them their jobs and a place in government. So, they moan and complain and some will even write the dreaded letter of no-confidence to Graham Brady but ultimately they are like scared rabbits huddling in the headlights.

This I would argue is where the courage of even the staunchest Tory Brexiteer fails and why, mind-bending, both Mr Johnson and Mr Davis back Mrs May still to deliver the Brexit Britain voted for. Even Jacob Rees-Mogg does the same. This isn’t 4D chess or some brilliant strategic gambit, it is real fear which has allowed the entire Brexiteer wing of the Tory Party to be cucked and de-balled en masse.

So, what is the answer? Well, as the title implies, the only way now is UKIP. Don’t take my word for it. Ask the 4 odd thousand that are flooding into the Party according to The Sun.

Quite sensibly these people have recognised that not even Tory Brexiteers offer them any answers anymore. Blue Brexiteers are in fact throwing paper aeroplanes at this Remoaner PM while Brexit burns. Indeed, the likes of JRM are part of feeding the dangerous delusion that the Tory Party can or will ever deliver Brexit.

My proof of this assertion is the illusions they peddle in Mrs May. If Bojo went to a doctor and made a claim as detached from reality as his one that Mrs May can still “deliver a great Brexit” he’d rightly be branded delusional and he’d be referred to a psych team. She cannot and neither can the Tory Party which has mortgaged its soul for less than the going rate of 30 pieces of silver. So, if you want to fight for Brexit there really is no alternative, join UKIP and fight for our freedom.

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