The Tories Are Failing Britain, Its Time To Vote UKIP For The Nation

ByJordan James | Editor,

I have had a love-hate relationship with the Tory Party for many years now. I adored Margaret Thatcher and a documentary on the late Tory leader and Prime Minister was the starting point to my obsession with Politics way back in 2009.

For some reason, being a pro-Brexit Tory voter is like being in a toxic relationship with a partner who you know you should leave, but keep going back too because you love them… Well, it’s that break-up time again.

In the past, I supported the Conservatives with blind faith up until 2013 when I fell in love with Nigel Farage and his quest to get Britain out of the EU.

I returned to the Party for the 2015 General Election after another great Tory leader, David Cameron offered Britain the chance to decide on European membership in a referendum.

No political party should take their voters for granted, sadly, the Tories have been taking Brexiteers for granted, they cant deliver a Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for. The Lords is erecting roadblocks and Theresa May’s remainer led Cabinet is pushing us into a soft-Brexit and the party fails to recognise the major issues facing our country.

The Tories have pushed me back to UKIP again for the second time in five years – but this time, it’s not just about Europe, It is a whole host of things such as Radical Islam, Terrorism and Immigration – a position I feel the Tories are failing on policy-wise.

Last year we came under attack from Islamic Extremism multiple times, and also by the British state itself. Instead of fighting the enemy within, the Government is trying to brand the so-called ‘far-right’ as racists, extremists and are using “Hate Speech” as a way to duck the greatest issue of our time.

The Government has chosen to appease those who cannot be named, by shutting down anyone who criticizes them. Instead of fighting Terror, our government is planning to give Jihadi’s council homes under Operation Constrain.

A few months back, Politicalite dropped support for the Tory party and began to call them out on their failures. I looked towards another hero of mine, Sir Winston Churchill, and his quote on Criticism, Winston said that whilst criticism may not be agreeable, it is necessary.

He said that it fulfils the same function as pain in the human body and calls attention to an unhealthy state of things – and that perfectly sums up how I feel about the modern Tory Party. When I began to call out the failures of the party, I was attacked online by members and ‘intimidated’ by a party official from Northern Ireland, simply for having political thought.

I have tried to get behind Theresa May – I supported her leadership bid and I believed that she could return the Tories to the glory days of the Maggie years with a strong Brexit and great conservative policy – Sadly, on Election Night 2017, I was proven wrong.

Mrs May has failed to grasp the populist wave that swept through the west in 2016 following Brexit and the election of President Donald J. Trump.

In my opinion, The Conservatives have failed Britain and no longer does the greatest electoral force in the Western world represent the silent majority of forgotten men and women and no longer does the party fight for Britain or its values.

Earlier this year, our Conservative Government banned right-wing activists and a right-wing journalist from entering the Country. Amber Rudd, the former Home Secretary actively BANNED a journalist from entering the country, in the same way in which a police state operates. Then, in the same week, Martin Sellner, the leader of Generation Identity and his American girlfriend Brittany Pettibone were also refused entry into the UK.

The pair were detained and refused entry to at Heathrow airport, ahead of a planned talk on free speech in Hyde Park. Sellner said at the time: “the UK will open its border to immigration but block dissenting opinions.”

The pair were then served Home Office papers which stated that his Generation Identity group was “viewed in the UK as a right-wing organisation”, and said that Sellner’s planned speech was “likely to incite tensions between local communities”.

A right-wing YouTuber, was then told she was blocked from entering Britain because she was planning interview former EDL leader turned journalist, Tommy Robinson.

The Home Office said Robinson was a “far-right leader whose materials and speeches incite racial hatred” Government Policy is now to restrict the freedom of speech, ban journalists and suppress the opinions of those they deem “Wrong.” The way in which our Government (who holds no majority) acted went against my personal beliefs on freedom, liberty and the right to criticize.

Winston Churchill would turn in his grave at the way the current Conservative Party is behaving – in fact, let’s be totally honest. The party is not even Conservative anymore. The Conservatives decided to speak for a whole nation when they banned Sellner and Pettibone, but they only spoke for the out-of-touch elites that they represent in the liberal London bubble.

I’m from the North West of England, I live in a two up two down, think of Coronation Street minus Underworld and the Rovers Return.

The Tories branded Tommy Robinson a ‘Far-Right leader” but lets just go back to the noughties for a moment, when former EDL leader Tommy Robinson spoke out against Asian grooming gangs… the British state tried to silence him and with recent reports in Telford, Rotherham and Rochdale, we can now see why.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten with Tommy Robinson

Up here in the north – in working-class towns and cities like Rotherham, Rochdale, Bradford Bolton and Burnley, most white working classes and some non-Muslim ethnic people do not share the establishments view on Mr Robinson, Why? because we have been subjected to mass immigration on unprecedented levels that has changed the face of our towns and have been subjected to Muslim ghettos, giant Mosques have been added to the skyline of terraced houses and former mills.

Our local high streets once filled with British business have now turned into little-Pakistan with multiple Muslim-owned Halal takeaways and stores and on those streets, Hard-Line Muslims have purchased Pubs and closed them down – as drinking Alcohol is Haram.

It isn’t racist to say that, I’m simply saying what I see. I used to scared of being branded “Far-Right” and “Racist” but I no longer am, because I know deep-down that I’m not. That is just how the establishment prevents us from talking about the key issues such as Muslim Grooming Gangs, Terror and Immigration.

How can I be far-right? I’m a mixed race man, my grandparents came here from Jamaica as part of the Windrush generation. They helped build a greater Britain after the war and they made Britain great again. Now an ultra-liberal Conservative Party is destroying the very Britain they helped to create by appeasing those who want to do us harm and destroy our way of life.

Immigration can be a great thing, in the sixties the Windrush Generation made Britain great again, and immigrants like my Grandma and Grandad integrated into the British way of life.

I will not stand by whilst my Government becomes a police state that actively jails its political opponents and bars entry to right-wing activists and journalists.

We are now a state that is no better than Iran, Russia or even North Korea – our country, a country that fought for its freedom and democracy, the freedom of political expression is cracking down on those very rights.

Theresa May is even forcing Britain to endure a soft Brexit – she had the opportunity to make Britain great again, to deliver a Brexit that 17.4m British people voted for but she decided to duck out on that like the failure she is.

My political idol Margaret Thatcher changed Britain because she stuck to her beliefs, she refused to change course – even when the sky seemed like it was falling in.

Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher at festival of India (News Profile)

Even when the Iron Lady had rioters outside the door of Number 10 Downing Street in 1990 due to the hated Poll Tax, she stuck to her beliefs.

Theresa May is no Maggie, she doesn’t have the support in Parliament to even come close.

On May 3rd, I urge any disenfranchised Tories to get out and vote, vote with your feet, and VOTE UKIP, for the good of the Nation and Make Britain Great Again.

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