THE WORD: The Power of Words in Politics

Synonyms that are used in a different context may have a different meaning. Some of them are euphemisms that we use to substitute expressions considered too harsh. Others are dysphemisms which play the opposite role. There are also neutral expressions in our everyday language that mainly stipulate the facts, adding no emotional ‘cover’ to what’s said.

When it comes to political writing, every word you write or say matters. In Politics and International Relations, the power of words is immense. A word that has been cut from the context or used inappropriately can cause deterioration of relations between states, political parties, politicians, and people.

Therefore, students studying Politics pay a lot of attention to political speech writing in their studies. They are specifically trained to select the right expressions and speak positively, striving to neutralize the negative connotation of the words they use.

Truth and Only Truth

Politics is a complex field. Politicians get to lead large masses of people to certain goals, and the only way to win the attention is to communicate their mission and vision clearly.

In the world where fake news rules, people tend to doubt whatever they hear. If people recognize they were told lies, it is very hard to win their loyalty back. Thus, political words and phrases used in speeches are very important for every ambitious politician. They often determine the rhetoric and the agenda of their party.

Shaping Ideas with the Right Words

However, it is even more important to shape the truth when it comes to Politics. There are lots of ways to break the news, so politicians should be able to choose the right words to sound appropriate.

It makes Politics look similar to Marketing. Politicians need to persuade people, encourage them to think in line with the party’s agenda and respond in certain ways. It is all about choosing the right words and the right approach.

Is Propaganda a Bad Thing?

Propaganda has been present in politics all along. It is an effective tool that various powers use to handle social issues. However, propaganda has usually been seen through the lens of persuasion and influence. Shortly, this term became related to brainwashing that added its negative connotation.

Even though this tool is mostly used in a negative context, it actually has nothing bad. This is just an instrument that helps in reaching out to society, persuading people, and presenting proof.

Writing Backs Verbal Communication 

There is no secret that every speech delivered verbally has lots of written drafts. Political writing is also needed to prepare for the interview. Thus, writing is always on the background of any public event.

Mastering the power of writing has a tremendous effect on a politician’s career. Those who can communicate in writing, presenting their ideas clearly and diplomatically, usually advance their career ladders more quickly.

Also, those who address their electorate verbally and in writing have larger chances of being heard and followed. That is why students majoring in Politics spend lots of time on political writing. For those who need extra assistance, Australia essay writing experts are there to help.

The Use of Humor

Political writing would be dry and boring if it was not for humor. Speechwriters today tend to include some jokes into their candidate’s speeches because they try to make the audience feel relaxed and happy. People are tired of negative messages. Yet, if they are intertwined with humor, they are generally accepted better.

It is important to learn to use humor when learning political writing. It is a true art that relies on knowing the target audience. Once you get what your people want to hear, speech-making is deemed for success.

Writing about Politics

It is important to distinguish between political writing and writing about politics. The first one refers mostly to speeches, letters, memos, and other documents prepared by politicians. They follow their agenda and provide evidence to support their ideas.

Writing about Politics is important to provide people with useful insight that may contrast the politicians’ opinions. It is based on independent journalistic research and is a characteristic of a free and unprejudiced society. The power of the words used by political journalists is tremendous when it comes to elections and other political campaigns.

Final Words

The art of political writing is the key to success for many aspiring politicians. If they want to be heard and followed, they need to learn how to address people by preparing drafts for their public speeches in advance. They should be able to choose the right words to express their rhetoric in a positive or neutral way, avoiding confrontation.

Writing and Politics are interconnected, so the earlier you learn about the power of words in politics, the better for your career. 

Susan Wallace is a freelance writer who also works as a journalist. She is known for her articles in Political Affairs and History. In this article, as a contributing writer, Susan shares her opinion on the importance of political writing and the power words have in Politics.

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