TORY CONFERENCE: Hannan And Rees-Mogg Blast Remoaner CULT!

Daniel Hannan and Jacob Rees Mogg launched a ferocious attack on Remoaners at the Brexit Central event at the Conservative Party Conference. Mr Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England, addressing himself to Remoaner protesters outside the event said that it was “easy to mock” and compared the Remain movement to the Bolsheviks in a slight echo of Jeremy Hunt comparing the EU to the Soviet Union: “Look at some of the people shouting outside this conference with their curious berets. This is classic cultist behaviour. It’s is easy to mock. But my friends, cults are dangerous things, potentially. The Bolshevists were a cult before 1917, the Iranian ayatollahs were a cult before the overthrow of the Shah. Cults are capable of doing immense damage, and it’s now pretty clear what the plan of Remain is.”

He went onto argue that the plan of the Remoaners was to effectively force a situation where Parliament voted down any Brexit deal, Article 50 was suspended and then a second referendum was announced. He warned that Brexit’s victory “could not be taken for granted.”

Mr Rees-Mogg meanwhile, urged the Prime Minister to “walk away” from negotiations and not pay the EU a “single penny”. He also compared the Remain campaign to totalitarian political movements: “We should think carefully about the People’s Vote. To my mind, it conjures up totalitarianism. All the countries that are least interested in their people called themselves ‘People’s’. The People’s Republic of China – that’s communist. Once you put ‘People’s’ in the title, you know that it’s not true. It’s not about the people. “It’s about the elite, it’s about the rulers, it’s about those who think they should be in charge.”

Certainly, there is something deeply sinister about a movement which seems to so casually disregard democracy and seeks to impose the will of a minority on a majority. It is it to be hoped that people see through it just as surely as they saw through the EU.

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