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TOTAL TAKEOVER: Katie Hopkins Exposes NO GO AREAS In Britain’s Working-Class Towns

KATIE Hopkins has revealed shocking details of a takeover that could lead to a Muslim Dominated Society, with gritty interviews with ordinary Brits who are sick and tired of being branded ‘Far-Right’ for speaking about the reality of Multi-cultural Britain.

Katie reveals: “In Western Europe, a silent exodus is underway.”

“There huge change afoot, barely perceptible to outsiders.”

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“In Western Europe, indigenous people have watched their countries change beyond all recognition.”

“This is a silent retreat from Jews and Christians”

One British man interviewed says he’s fed up of being branded ‘Far-Right’. “People like me, working-class English people just feel like second class citizens.”


An elderly lady also reveals Britain’s NO GO ZONES and adds: “There are No-go areas if you are a white person.”

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The film, titled ‘Homelands’ that is coming out soon explores anti-Semitism across Europe and the UK, and asks where Western nations are heading.

Janice Atkinson MEP was part of the production and told Politicalite: “We went to Paris, UK and Israel, it’s a story about who we are, what we want to be and where we might be heading.”

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