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TREASON CLUB: Gove Becomes The Latest ‘Pizza Club’ Brexiteer To Back May


Michael Gove deserting to the dark side to support Theresa May’s sell-out deal is less than surprising. He never had any morals, principles or scruples to sell in the first place. Remember all the hype saying he and others were staying put to force a renegotiation of the deal? How did that work out?

Gove does, however, make one important admission in his twisting and turning piece in the Mail. Talking about his collegues who would prefer a no deal Brexit, he says he respects their position but cannot share it. However, punctering the usual Project Fear spin, he does admit: “Lying behind their view is a fair point — the economy could adjust to WTO rules and succeed over time.”

Andrea Leadsom surprised some with her desertion but ever since May defeated her in the Tory leadership contest she has become a sycophant. From her point of view, the deal is the only option avaliable to Brexiteers, a notion that Gove just destroyed in his passage above: “I think it is superb news that the United Kingdom, businesses and people, will be well served by this deal.”

Liam Fox said he was backing the deal through “gritted teeth” and stressed the importance of continued access to the European market seemingly unaware of the irony of losing a potentially lucrative trade deal with the US which Donald Trump stated that this deal would torpedo: we have to maintain our access to that European market as we leave the European Union but without tying our hands unduly in terms of what we can achieve elsewhere in the growing markets of the world and, remember, that the IMF tells us that 90% of global growth in the next five years will be outside continental Europe. So it’s a balance between the two.”

Although just after Dominic Raab resigned there were hyped-up reports that Chris Grayling was considering his future however they were, in reality, always just that, hype, Grayling has always been a May loyalist and quite possibly was a mole in the Pizza Club.

All is not totally lost though, Penny Mordaunt remains quiet. She was said to be the most ardently opposed to the deal. Either she is keeping quiet as she doesn’t want to draw attention to supporting a deal she doesn’t like or she is waiting for an opportune moment to strike….I guess only time will tell.




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    December 3, 2018 at 16:36

    Gove is another like Farage who run away just when we were starting to get somewhere. He will never be accepted by the people who voted Brexit.

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