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TROUBLE DOWN UNDER: Avi Yemini EXPOSES Progressive Hypocrisy



IN A RECENT clash with the Australian political show The Project, populist right commentator Avi Yemini exposed their double standards in handling progressive politics, leading the show’s Twitter account to block him as a result.

The commentator, best known for his work with the Australian Liberty Alliance, noted that the show had ‘mocked a female person of colour’ – that being Dr. Stella Immanuel – and pointing out how ‘no-one cares’ about it, given that the target was someone from the right, and that she could possibly ‘prove that Trump was right the whole time’ about his controversial comments surrounding the chemical hydroxychloroquine.

Yemini than noted that out of the 20 doctors involved in the conference which Trump held – of which has led to crackdowns on social media surrounding it, allegedly due to – she was the one figure that they mocked, as she was ‘an easy target’. He then felt that because they mocked her for her religious beliefs, whether Jews and Christians would be targeted next.


He then also complained that they weren’t doing enough to highlight the social media censorship of the conference, especially since the drug involved had been previously positively received on the show when an Australian trial tested it. He then wondered whether it would be shown after the 2020 Presidential election to avoid now making ‘Trump look good’, before criticising feminists for their lack of outrage over the incident.

He then noted a clash between Emmanuel and a white BLM supporter, the latter of who claimed he was more black than Emmanuel due to his political beliefs. Yemini concluded the video by revealing that he’d been blocked by the show for pointing out their hyprocrisy on Twitter.

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