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UNEXPECTED DEMOCRACY: From Online Casinos To Social Media

GETTING back to the origins of democracy means thinking think of Ancient Greece and giving the power to the people in the form of a vote.

On all sides of the political spectrum, individuals will have different thoughts on whether the democratic process has been carried out.

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For instance, the British public will never forget the democratic failure that led to the naming of the ship, the Sir David Attenborough, despite the fact Boaty McBoatface clearly won the poll, as per. As this shows, democracy is more embedded in our society than we expect and has touched a number of industries – from online casinos to social media – in ways we don’t realise.

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Online Casino

The online casino industry is influenced by democracy in many ways. One of the main ones is through the selection of titles and games, some of which are eligible for special offers and deals. These featured games are chosen based on those which are the most played and therefore most popular. So, when we look at the list of slots, for instance, on this site we can see that the top games are sorted by those most played. These games alternate depending on how many plays they get. Being near the top of the search function means that they will likely receive more plays as a result. This form of unofficial democracy comes from the basic form of the people making decisions en masse. It can also be seen through the choosing of payment methods available on the site. Due to the growing popularity of e-wallets, these are increasingly becoming options. The people have spoken, and their continued engagement reinforces their choice. The way we engage with things is a form of ‘voting with our feet’ and can influence a lot more than we expect.

Social Media

Social media and the influencer culture present on the platforms is also influenced by democracy. Facebook’s, Twitter’s, and Instagram’s algorithms are programmed to respond to engagement. The greater the number of people who like the post, the more people will get to see it. This could then lead to influencer-type deals with brands and help launch the person who posted on the app. While we aren’t told that our likes are used as votes to see who is the most popular, social media is essentially a popularity contest, according to this. Those who cultivate a following are more likely to reap the benefits of being on the various social media platforms. The more followers people get, the more they are likely to continue to get. In some ways, those who have high likes – such as the Kardashians – have been democratically selected by their social media peers. Democracy is ingrained in our lives – but not only in the most obvious ways. Yes, every four to five years we head to the polls to elect the next President or government, but democracy doesn’t always have to result in a political outcome. Sometimes it can result in the changing landscapes of online slots, other times it can mean we are more exposed to certain people on social media. Or, it can mean that we are left disappointed when a clear landslide victory is overthrown for scientific credibility.

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