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UNITE TO FIGHT: Salvini Calls For Unity Against The Crumbling EU


Matteo Salvini, the Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, has called for pan-European unity in the fight against the EU.

Mr Salvini whose Lega Nord Party is skyrocketing in the polls following Italy’s refusal to accept NGO migrant boats, was speaking to a rally of around 50,000 Party faithful on Sunday said that he wants a ‘League of Leagues to fight next years European elections:

I am thinking of a League of Leagues that will put together all the free sovereign movements.

He described the vote as a “referendum” between the “elite, the banks and finance” on the issues of immigration and job security. He pledged to tour capital cities to spell out his vision of an “alternative Europe” not based on “exploration and mass immigration”.

Next years European elections will come at a pivotal time for the crumbling EU which is facing resistance across the continent, even in its German heartland. British MEPs are expected to leave the European Parliament on March 29th when the process started by the invocation of Article 50 ends.

However, there maybe fresh European elections in Britain as the shape of the final Brexit deal has yet to be deceived and the precise mechanics of the ‘transitional period’ are not set in stone.


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