EXTRAORDINARLY COMPLACENT: Peter Hitchens DESTROYS Piers Morgan on Coronavirus

PETER Hitchens put Piers Morgan in his place yesterday on Good Morning Britian in a debate over the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Hitchens argued both Sweden and Japan have avoided such measures and the economic damage shall leave Britain in ‘grave difficulty’ in the future.

On top of that, he notes that the seeming consensus around the coronavirus is being challenged by many qualified experts, including those of Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption.


Hitchens also blasted Police forces for their heavy handed tactics describing them as ‘ludicrous’.

He also, he often clashed with Morgan, with expected results, culminating with Hitchens claiming that the Mainstream media had been ‘extraordinarily unanimous and complacent’, all the while his being interrupted by Piers was the latter’s ‘power’, but it wasn’t a good for him to do.

In the longer clip he brought up the fact that many of the critics of the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus were simply ‘hurling abuse’ at their opponents, and that he wasn’t ‘bothered’ by it (mainly quite rude comparisons to that of Earl Douglas Haig, of who led his troops in the First World One to be ‘slaughtered by machine guns’), and listed more doctors who were against the coronavirus consensus, like retired professor John Lee. Hitchens later thanked Morgan on Twitter for allowing him on at all. He has continued to respond to both praise and criticism of his appearance on his account on that site.

So far in the UK, there have been 25,150 cases of the coronavirus, with 1,789 deaths and 135 recoveries. The worldwide total meanwhile is 841,285 cases of the virus, with 41,403 deaths and 176,097 recoveries.


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