CORONA CARNAGE! Muslims IGNORE #NorthernLockdown To PRAY Despite Corona Spikes 

MUSLIMS in the North of England spent the first day of a fresh lockdown mingling outside Mosques in Yorkshire, holding a large-scale public gathering to pray to Allah on a Manchester football field and blatantly ignoring Government health advice that is designed to protect Muslim communities following a lack of social distancing.

In Greater Manchester, a group of Muslims celebrating Eid gathered on a local football field with one eyewitness describing it akin to being in ‘a foreign country’ amid the controversial local lockdown imposed on over 2.1m Brits living in Greater Manchester, areas in Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire. 

Former UKIP Leader Gerard Batten fumed: “Multiculturalism: Different rules fir different people. [sic]” 

“If you are a Mohammedan or a BLM devotee, just go right ahead & ignore the rules.”

“If you an English person in your own country, you must obey. The law only ignores those they fear.”

Locals were left furious with one writing on Twitter: “When you allow a complete society within a society to have its own courts and its own laws that are polar opposites to a western democracy why would you expect that society to follow the law of the land they dont recognise it dont respect it and are not challenged by it .”

Another from Bradford raged: “I drove through Bradford today. I went past a grave yard and there must have been hundreds of Muslims in there and more causing a mass traffic jam waiting to get into the grave yard.”

“Very few masks and no social distancing, all shaking hands etc Ridiculous.”

British Muslims MUST follow social distancing rules, for their OWN safety – it is not Islamophobic or racist to warn a group of people putting themselves, and others at risk.


LEADERS from Blackburn and Darwen Council – one area under the Northern Lockdown with a high proportion of Muslim residents from Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds ignored warnings last week. 

They played the race card following warnings from public health officials over a worrying rise in Coronavirus cases in the working-class Northern towns.

Cllr Saima Afzal who is a Labour politician for Blackburn Central said locals should not be ‘stigmatised’ by spikes in coronavirus in their communities, ignoring the failures of her own council she represents – putting her own Pakistani and Bangladeshi voters residents at risk.

Around a third of Blackburn with Darwen’s 148,000 population are from ethnic backgrounds, with a large Pakistani heritage population.

The huge rise has been pinpointed to areas with terraced houses that contain too many people living there.

Often these terraced houses are designed for ONE family with a maximum of four people living in them, but Pakistani immigrants often have up to THREE or FOUR families and up to TEN people living under one small terraced roof.

The Lancashire town has now been forced to bring in extra restrictions following a huge increase in infections due to a majority of cases within the Pakistani community that have now spread across the North.



A TORY MP had the balls to speak about the Halal Elephant in the room amid the Government’s local lockdown on the North of England. 

Craig Whittaker said that the “vast majority” of those breaking lockdown rules are from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, a fact that has been ignored by woke local councillors and the mainstream media. 

He said that Muslims were “not taking [Coronavirus] seriously enough”.

Labour branded the comments “disgraceful and overt racism” and called for the MP to apologise. 

Whittaker, who is the MP for the Calder Valley told LBC radio: “What I have seen in my constituency is that we have… sections of the community that are just not taking the pandemic seriously.” 

“If you look at the areas where we’ve seen rises and cases, the vast majority – not by any stretch of the imagination all areas – it is the BAME communities that are not taking this seriously enough.” 

“I’ve been challenging our local leaders for… three weeks, asking what we are doing to target these areas to let people know that this is still a very serious problem. Until people take it seriously, we’re not going to get rid of this pandemic.”

“We have areas of high multiple occupancy – when you have multiple families living in one household. That just doesn’t specifically have to be in the Asian community, but that is the largest proportion.

“Look at all the areas. You’ve got Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees. Bradford and Kirklees have two of the largest populations in West Yorkshire.”


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