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SICKO SARKAR: Loony Leftie Activist Accused of Mocking Dead Brit Terror Victims In Vile Post



FAR-LEFT activist Ash Sakar has been accused of mocking those killed during an alleged Terror attack in Reading in which a Libyan terrorist Khairi Saadallah by showing off a picture of her eating an orange ice lolly in the park with an alleged murderous symbolic subliminal message.

While early speculation surrounded her placing the oranges there for the number of dead, it’s later been confirmed that it could be in relation to a scene in the 1972 crime classic The Godfather whereby they symbolise the death of a major character, and she was dog whistling to that to signify her pleasure with the murders caused at the event.


Ruining Movies: The Godfather - mxdwn Movies

Sarkar has confirmed that the second one in the Godfather trilogy was one of her favourite films.

This comes as she has been previously criticised for anti-white racism over the fact that native White British people are now a minority in London, to which she responded to how other ethnic groups in the capital were ‘winning’.

She was heavily criticised for this online. Independent journalist Martin Costello called her ‘racist’ and her actions ‘sinister and vile’, all the while comedian Rob Delaney criticised her, stating ‘for Christ’s sake’ in response. YouTube political campaigner Jonaya called Sarkar ‘disgusting’ and complained about her ‘playing the victim’ and Twitter user Ministry of Truth highlighted the post being done in poor taste.

The events at Reading occurred an hour after the Black Lives Matter protest that took place there. So far, three fatalities have been confirmed, all the while three others have been seriously injured.


The suspect is Libyan refugee Khairi Saadallah, of who was granted asylum in the UK and was on MI5’s radar last year, and has been arrested on the Section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

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