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VICTORY FOR BREXIT: Farage Milks EU Elections Dry

HE MAY have had his fair share of Disasterous Dairy moments over the election campaign, but tonight, Nigel Farage has the last laugh as The Brexit Party delivers a crushing blow to the establishment, winning x seats and sending tremors through the foundations of British politics.

Winning 9 out of 10 regions, the party claimed a whopping 28 out of 64 seats available in the European Parliament. 

Nigel Farage’s party came top in the North East, North West, East of England, Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, the South West and South East. 

This came largely at the expense of the Conservative Party. Theresa May’s party have lost a huge share of the vote across all regions, so far losing 15 MEP seats to a total of three. The party is in fifth place, with its lowest vote share in a national election since they formed in 1834.

Nigel Farage celebrates his resounding win.

Upon his victory being announced, Farage issued a stark warning to the establishment:

“Never before in British politics has a new party, launched just six weeks ago, topped the polls in a national election” he said. “The reason of course is very obvious. We voted to leave in a referendum. We were supposed to do so on March the 29th and we haven’t. There’s a huge message; a massive message here. The Labour and conservative parties could learn a big lesson here tonight, although I don’t suppose they actually will.”

“The new date is the 31st of October” he added. “We in The Brexit Party have got men and women of considerable business experience. We want to be part of that negotiating team. We want to take responsibility for what’s happening and we’re ready to do so. I hope the government is listening. I have to say this; If we don’t leave on the 31st then the scores you’ve seen for The Brexit Party today WILL be repeated in a general election. We are getting ready for it.”

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