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VOTE TOMMY: The ONLY Man Who Can Save the North West of England

ON MAY 23rd, Politicalite urges its readers in the North West of England to vote for the only man who can save Britain.

He may be small, but Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson has the biggest balls in all of England. He’s been fighting for the past decade for the forgotten people and he’s just like you.

He’s a father, a husband and a friend to many. What you see is what you really get with Tommy.

He’s not perfect and will make mistakes – but he’s got the interests of the nation at heart.

Some may say he’s a far-right thug, but I’ve spent the past fortnight with him – and I can honestly tell you – this man is as real as they come.

For the past year and a half, we have been reporting on this ‘little’ man with the biggest balls in Britain, and not once have our views changed on what we see as the future for politics in the UK.

We’ve been on tour with Tommy for the past few weeks on his campaign as he hit towns and cities across the North West as the crowds grew bigger and bigger and his message grew louder and louder.

He’s brought the forgotten people out from their council houses, he’s given a voice to the left behind.. this isn’t just about the European Elections – this is about giving the people the power.

“There’s more of us than there are of them,” says Tommy every night to crowds of hundreds of working-class people who believe that Tommy is gonna be their MEP.

He’s faced an Islamic ‘terror attack’, been banned from social media and has been repeatedly smeared in the press. He has even had his campaign fundraising account suspended during his campaign – all to try to suppress the only voice speaking up for the working class.

This isn’t just a slogan, the people LOVE Tommy Robinson – despite what the press might say. In every town and city, we’ve travelled too. the people of the North West of England have welcomed Tommy with love and lots and lots of selfies.

When the votes are revealed on Sunday, it will be exactly ONE YEAR since Tommy was jailed by the British state.

We fought to free him, we fought to give him a voice and now it’s down to you… send the establishment a message they will NEVER forget.

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