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POPULAR Conservative and anti-Jihad campaigner, Avi Yemini, is the latest person to be demonetized in silicone valley’s fierce witch-hunt to interfere in international politics and to censor Conservative thought.

Free speech advocates who warned of the predictable consequences of allowing powerful tech companies to police online discourse seized on YouTube’s attempt Wednesday to purge ‘hate speech’ from their video platform after creators performing public service journalism and education were swept up in the effort.

One of Avi’s responses to the purge.

Wednesday’s purge came after days of sustained criticism over YouTube’s handling of content produced by alt-right commentator Steven Crowder that targeted Vox media personality Carlos Maza. After nearly a week of online outrage, YouTube demonetized Crowder’s channel and then launched a site-wide cleanup of what the company wrongly defined as hate speech and targeted harassment. 

But the purge also caught journalists and historians up in its wake as the tech giant’s heavy-handed response to Crowder’s harassment didn’t allow for context in most of the content. 

Among those affected was outspoken reporter, Avi Yemini.

“Today, YouTube fully de-monetized my entire channel” said Avi, who acquired an enormous following online after embarking on a quest to confront radical Islam.

Yemini also released a full response on YouTube (see above), saying “I’m not gonna lie, it’s bummer for me. YouTube has been one of the main income sources that I rely on to be able to do my work. Now that’s suddenly gone. “

“This is a direct attack on freedom of speech” said Avi. “They’re censoring conservatives around the world.”

Avi’s first response to the censorship.

In another video, Avi rightly points out that if you disagree with something, you should confront it, rather than simply seeking to silence it in true Orwellian fashion. 

“If you think somebody has a bad idea, challenge them with a good one” he said. 

If you want to help Avi in the battle against left-wing censorship and to help him continue with his fantastic work confronting Islamic extremism, please donate here: 

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