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WATCH: Lauren Southern Meets Human Trafficker Making £1.2m Per Day

LAUREN Southern has been investigating the people smuggling networks opening up between Morocco and Spain and has met one trafficker making a whopping £1.2m A DAY.

Southern recorded an interview with a human trafficker in Morrocco.

This is the first time in history an interview has been conducted with an African trafficker moving people from North Africa to Europe.

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While filming for an upcoming documentary in Nador, Lauren and the film’s producers discovered and infiltrated a human trafficking ring spanning 450km off the Moroccan coast.

The producers smuggled camera equipment in due to the country’s extremely strict journalism laws, making it almost impossible to get television cameras anywhere near the migrant camps on the coastline.

During an extended interview, the Trafficker explains that moving people from North Africa to Europe is ‘all a business’, and that each boat can generate up to €125,000 per boat, with as many as ten boats leaving every day. That’s a revenue of more than one million euros per day.

He also explained how migrants can also take much cheaper boats from Tangier to southern Spain for €250 owing to the much smaller (30km) distance – boats travelling from Nador often rely on the ‘Salvamentos’ – ‘saviour’ NGO and coast guard ships that pull migrants from the water and bring them to Spain.

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The Smuggler, who was kept anonymous for his safety told Lauren: “People have to spend a lot of money here. They have to spend between €2,000 and €4000.”

“You have the totality fifty person on each boat so when the boat enters [the water] the boss makes a lot of money.” said the smuggler.

“When they want to go to Spain, they go to the beach, they enter the boat, and go. It’s a business. No black man can not get into Spain.”

Lauren asked how many are spent every week?

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The smuggler responded: “You can have five hundred a day person but the most we have had is 2,000.”

“When you have a lot of security to help you. You also pay more for a guarantee, when you give the money to the boss, he can say when you touch the water you lose it.”

“So you go to the bank, put your money in there, you get a code, when you enter Spain, you call the boss and tell him the code, the guest the bank and collects the money.”

Lauren: How do you help the boss?

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“You can call your bother in Senegal, and say if you want to go to Spain, my bother can help you, I give them the price, 2500 euro, or 4000 euro, when he comes, he gives me 4000 I go tot he bank I put in 2500 and I put the rest of the money for me.”

“Two brothers I recently met in Tangier, they are in Spain now. You get on a boat, go to the international zone. Then Spanish coastguard will save you. ”

According to the head of one of France’s most prominent asylum seeker support organisations, the global network of human traffickers which aid migrants across borders into Europe and elsewhere constitute a $32 billion (£25bn) industry.