WATCH: Boris Makes Statement in House of Commons on COVID-19 Measures

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson made a statement at the House of Commons in London on Tuesday, September 22, to update MPs on the new measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

The statement took place following an emergency Cobra meeting that will be held in the morning and a warning from UK Chief medical officer Chris Whitty and UK Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance that the country could face up to 50,000 daily new infections by mid-October if no new preventive actions are taken. 

UK has more than 394,000 registered cases of COVID-19 and 41,777 related deaths as of Monday, according to the UK government.​ 


LABOUR Leader Sir Keir Starmer attacked Boris Johnson’s “serial incompetence” following the Prime Ministers ‘flip-flopping’ reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic, as he attempted to make Labour the ‘credible alternative’ to the current government.

Starmer also seemed to go against a second-lockdown claiming it would be “government failure – not an act of god”, as a whopping 83.5% of Politicalite readers said Boris should not enact another lockdown. 

In the poll of over 4,395 across the UK just 16.5% agreed that the UK should go into lockdown, whilst 83.5% said the UK should not. 

Starmer said that another lockdown would take an “immense toll on people’s physical and mental health and on the economy”. 

Starmer accused the PM of having “lost control” of the testing system.

The Labour leader made clear that he was breaking from the Jeremy Corbyn era, indicating that the party had deserved its drubbing at the 2019 general election.

He stressed that Labour was a “party under new leadership” and urged voters who had deserted Labour to take a fresh look at it.

Sir Keir’s speech in Doncaster, delivered without an audience due to coronavirus, replaced what would have been his keynote party conference address.

He used it to contrast his approach and experience with that of the Prime Minister, hitting out at how the Government has handled coronavirus.

With one of the highest death rates in the world and on the threshold of one of the deepest recessions, he said, there was no doubt that “the Government’s incompetence is holding us back”.

“They couldn’t get kids back into school in June. They couldn’t work out a fair system to get exams marked,” he said.

“They couldn’t get protective equipment to care workers and they wasted millions of your money in the process.

“Their failure to protect care homes is a national scandal. They still can’t organise a testing regime that’s even serviceable, let alone world-beating.”

He said Mr Johnson was “just not serious” and “he’s just not up to the job”.


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