WATCH: Was Labour Pboro’s Convicted VOTE-RIGGER ‘Also’ Used To Fix The 2017 GE?

AS the nation’s eyes begin to open and fix in anger upon the alleged corruption and electoral fraud carried out by the Peterborough Labour Party during the recent suspicious by-election, a look back at the previous General Election of 2017 is now raising concerns among betrayed local voters.

The snap-election of 2017 illogically called by remainer May saw the shock overthrow of staunch Brexiteer and long-serving Peterborough MP, Stewart Jackson, who had served the people of Peterborough well for almost three terms.

In the 2017 Parliamentary election for the Peterborough constituency there were 14,293 postal votes issued.

11,930 of these were returned of which 379 were rejected due to either the signature or date of birth (or both) not matching our records. This equates to a 81% return rate.

Fiona Onasanya immediately celebrated her win with convicted electoral fraudster Tariq Mahmood, left.

During both elections – for Labour’s Onasanya and Labour’s Lisa Forbes – close friend of Peterborough Labour leader Shaz Nawaz, convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood, was hired to play a key role in the election campaign team and on both occasions, despite his fondness for destroying democracy, was given exclusive access to the election count room.

During the 2017 election, numerous residents came forward to complain of potential vote-rigging and intimidation allegedly carried out by Tariq and his red rosette-wearing rabble of anti-democrat thugs.

Police calls were also made on the night of the election upon numerous residents witnessing Tariq and others ushering eastern Europeans and young Brits, one by one into a nearby 4×4, where they each spent a few seconds inside before being led, often with confused looks on their faces, into the polling station.

Mahmood was instrumental in the election of both Fiona Onasanya and Lisa Forbes.

It has been suggested that money exchanged hands inside this car, with other local residents also alleging in the recent by-election that similar offers of cash for votes had been made to them.

The easily manipulated and highly unnecessary postal voting system was originally designed to allow the elderly, ill, or disabled the chance to vote on the grounds that they couldn’t physically make the journey to a polling station. Yet the scheme was eventually expanded greatly by (surprise surprise) the Labour Party, allowing anyone easy access to a postal vote.

PBORO VOTE LEAVE: Tory Stewart Jackson MP had lobbied hard for Brexit for years before the referendum, going on to help lead the Vote Leave campaign in Peterborough before working with Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Other allegations made during the 2017 General election included the concerning boasts made by Labour activists on social media that they had conspired with local post men to destroy Conservative campaign literature in bulk rather than deliver it to households, and to burn postal votes from wards that are known to be key Tory strongholds. 

The video above was shot by vote-rigger Tariq himself, who was instrumental in Onasanya’s win by under 700 votes. Tariq’s gloating smile and wink at the end of the clip make for unsettling, infuriating viewing and, as some have said, ‘paint a thousand words’.

Despite numerous calls from residents to the police force on the day of the election, no action was taken, with some concerned citizens being informed that they were simply ‘too busy’. 

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