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WE’RE IN THE MONEY: Filthy Rich Clintons Continue To Coin In The Cash

Clinton Cash is one of the most grotesque films I have ever watched and it really exposes globalism and its snakes in a stark way. For those who haven’t watched it firstly, I would say take a couple of hours out of your day and do watch it. A very brief synopsis is that it is the story of how Bill and Hillary Clinton prostituted themselves and the White House all for their own personal enrichment. One of my few disappointments with the Trump administration stems from watching this film – it does rankle that The Donald has yet to seriously deliver on his promise to put Hillary where she belongs in my opinion, in prison.

Still at liberty, along with husband Bill who also surely needs to be investigated the gruesome twosome continue to coin in the cash. They are embarking on a speaking tour of the US. However, tickets to see them live on stage aren’t cheap. At the 5,200-seat Park Theater in Las Vegas, the same venue where Lady Gaga will soon have a residency, seats cost between $72.48 and $228.44. And at the Opera House in Boston, tickets go for between $120.50 and $745.50, and that doesn’t include fees to promoter Live Nation.

I guess this is far from surprising given that both charge six figures simply for the dubious pleasure of their presence on stage. Quite why anyone would want to fork out a single cent for the experience of a “unique one on one conversation” with the Clintons is totally beyond me however the experience seems to be a popular one. From 2001 to 2015, they raked in more than $153 million in an eye-watering display of avarice. It is a great shame that both remain at liberty to continue their parasitic existence preying on the American people.


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