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What does a VA disability lawyer do?

VETERANS who have suffered injuries, succumbed to illnesses, or been rendered indisposed while serving in the military are entitled to VA disability compensation. This benefit can be claimed for medical conditions, including physical and mental issues. 

Common physical conditions are head injuries, gunshot wounds, loss of limbs, and other sensory deprivation, while mental conditions include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These may be pre-service, during, or post-service conditions.

However, due to the bureaucracy and administrative procedures involved, you must get expert assistance to claim the benefits. Thus, hire a VA disability lawyer who can ensure compliance with the guidelines to avail of the compensation you are qualified for.

What is VA disability?

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VA disability is a tax-free compensation program for former U.S military members for disorders endured before, during, or after their service. 

So, here are some terms associated with personnel’s disabilities and their eligibility for compensation. Have a look!

1. Direct Service Connection – It directly relates to an ailment or injury suffered while serving in the military. It also includes the circumstances where an existing condition’s adverse effects got amplified and shaped into a severe disorder during the said period.

2. Secondary Service Connection – It deals with the secondary disabilities caused or further enhanced by an existing service-related disability. These illnesses are not incurred while in service, but a service-connected condition caused them.

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3. Presumptive Service Condition – As the name suggests, certain illnesses or conditions are presumed by Veterans Administration (VA) due to the specific and unique nature of military service. Once the suspected disease is diagnosed to be existent, compensation is awarded. 

4. Aggravated Service Condition – This condition is said to exist when a pre-existing medical condition or disability is further provoked and intensified directly during the service and not due to the innate development of the disease. 

If your disability directly affects your employability and other specific prerequisites to work, you may avail of the Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU).

Why hire a VA disability lawyer?

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Considering the above information, it must be apparent that there are extensive procedures and regulatory policies to follow, failing which the claim for compensation may be rejected. Hence, you would need immense help from a professional lawyer. 

So, here are some of the advantages of hiring a VA lawyer for this purpose.

5. Ascertaining relevant disabilities

VA lawyers are well-versed with various disabilities eligible for claiming benefits, their respective ratings, and the resultant compensation a veteran can claim. 

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Thus, they will help ensure that any injuries or disorders are not overlooked and sufficiently compensated.

6. Determining the applicable rates

The total veteran’s disability compensation a person is entitled to hugely depends on the disability rating determined based on the severity of the ailment. 

VA lawyers will help assess the overall disability rate applicable, considering your medical history and other factors of your military service.

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7. Filing of appeals

There are instances where the Department of Veteran Affairs rejects a claim made for compensation on various grounds related to the disabilities covered, the disability rating, incomplete information, or documentation inaccuracies. 

In such a situation, a VA lawyer can assist you in appealing against the same, ensuring you get the complete compensation you deserve.

8. Doing the necessary paperwork and documentation

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The detailed paperwork and other documentation process involved in filing the VA disability claim may be a hassle in certain cases, especially for senior veterans and their families. 

So, VA lawyers will take care of the entire documentation process and render additional aid to make it easier. It will further reduce the chances of rejection of the claim and fasten the process of disbursement of the compensation.

Final Words

Every veteran has the right to receive befitting compensation for their selfless and brave services to the country and its citizens. However, to avail of this compensation, you must consult and hire a reliable VA lawyer to do away with the official processes quickly and unleash the benefits.

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