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WHAT NEXT! The Mainstream Media’s Latest Far-Right Villain… Mother Teresa

MOTHER Teresa always tried to look for the good. She sought herself never to judge, yet the biased and immoral mainstream media has attempted to smear one of the most formidable modern Catholic saints known to mankind.

Not satisfied with destroying free-speech, the devil’s mouthpieces in the mainstream media are now attacking the legacy of a modern saint.

Mother Teresa holds hands with Britain’s Princess Diana in 1997 after the two met briefly at the Missionaries of Charity home in the Bronx section of New York.

Sky Documentaries’ recent biographical series ‘Mother Teresa, for the Love of God?’ has been accused of backhandedly trying to smear a holy woman, who is also unable to fight her case, as she is dead… and link her to the radical far-right. It’s also been branded a “posthumous detraction” by her own mission.

Mother Teresa – FILE PHOTO

In a world where godlessness, sin and suffering seem to be prevalent, Sky’s series has baselessly accused Mother Teresa of being a fraudster and an evil right-winger with links to the Mafia due to her views on abortion and closeness to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Right-Wingers in the United States. A new low for the leftie mainstream media.

President Reagan presents Mother Teresa with the Medal of Freedom at a White House Ceremony in the Rose Garden in June 1985 – FILE PHOTO

They have deviously branded one of the Catholic faith’s most celebrated modern humanitarians as a grifting villain, without any concrete evidence. But the real question is, would the immoral sinners over at Sky do the same to a member of the Muslim heritage? Would they be given the green light to air a biased documentary that branded the Prophet Mohamad as a religious huckster? Of course, they wouldn’t, so why is it still permitted to cause offence to Catholics and Christians?

Why is the mainstream media given free rein to try to give us Christians our day and piss all over our holy bread?

Mother Teresa based her missionary work on helping the world’s poorest. She started the mission in Calcutta, India in which she helped the sick and lepers. She used her charm to urge the local government at the time to give her land to heal the sick and care for orphans.

Over the years, Mother was able to guide the hand of Prime Ministers, and Presidents and even had the ability to stop wars to rescue the sick and orphaned and even helped those who had AIDS, yet Sky has painted her as the devil incarnate.

In a world ravaged by Disease and War, it’s high time those who hold great power in the sinful mainstream media started to use some responsibility and urged more of us to be more like Mother Teresa, the World is crying out for another saint on her level.

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Sky claimed: “Mother Teresa: For the Love of God? takes viewers on a remarkable ride through the twists and turns of an improbable life, revealing the extraordinary truth about one of the most recognised yet enigmatic, controversial, and complex figures in contemporary history.”

Mother Teresa’s Missionary of Charity responded to Sky’s documentary in a statement that read: “The missionaries of Charity will not divert their attention away from serving the poorest of the poor to prepare a point-by-point rebuttal to [a] television series that maligns Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s reputation and life of faithful service.

The public knew Mother Teresa and will not be swayed by posthumous detraction. IF she were alive today, she would pray for her accusers and forgive them all, and so shall the Missionaries of Charity.”

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