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Why Is the Donald Kryptonite To The British Public?

IT’S NOT as if the Saudi Prince is coming to town is it? Nonetheless there will be blimps, there will be mooning, there will be a lot of anger and hand wringing over the most powerful individual on the planet visiting British shores.

This is a man who has criticised social media platforms for their very obvious bias, who isn’t afraid to delve into the political unmentionables such as Islamic extremism.

Those despising his existence and haranguing the powers that be who will allow him to tread our soil would do well to drop your snobbery and admit that in very challenging times, Trump is the best weapon we currently have against the regressive, identity politics obsessed left.

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Yes it’s true that Trump is the worst possible weapon against any form of identity politics given he is guilty of playing that card himself.

And he’s an awful weapon against Islamic extremism given his record on Saudi Arabia.

But there is chronic hypocrisy at play here too. The ignorant chattering classes do not play their hands of hate equally on this political poker table. The same low-information sanctimonious commentators who fawn on President Xi, Prince Salman and every other petty tyrant that drifts here have a special sword out for what remains a vital strategic, financial and political ally.

Some would argue that the British DO NOT loathe Donald Trump. The legions of EU worshiping luvvies and Remoaners certainly hate him and that is because he openly said the UK would be at the front of any queue for a trade deal with the USA instead of at the back as Obama, the Clinton’s and their new UK hating heroine Nancy Pelosi keep saying.

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These people are determined to drive a wedge between the UK and USA so that the UK ends up with nowhere else to turn to but the accursed EU. Otherwise, why is President Trump able to visit Paris, Brussels, Berlin etc virtually unnoticed but all hell is orchestrated to unfold whenever he is visiting the UK.

Perhaps The Donald should change his positions so his haters might be a little more welcoming? Why can’t Trump be more like Fidel Castro to gain the approval of western liberals?

All he’d have to do is scrap free speech, a free press, free elections and free trade unions and adoration would surely follow.

Or make sure plenty of protesters are beaten up by paramilitary riot police such as that being ignored by the mainstream media in Macron’s France. Imagine the saturation coverage if it was Trump’s America where this was going on.

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You could conclude that Trump is kryptonite to the left, and that their fear and hate is growing proportional to his constantly outplaying them.

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