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ANALYSIS: Will Liz be Truss enough to lead the country through crisis?

THE RACE for PM has finally come to an end after many months of deliberation and delay, and the Conservative Party have decided to crown the Oxford-born Mary Elizabeth Truss as their new leader. 

The public mood surrounding the election was reminiscent of being forced to pick from two rotten apples and reluctantly taking the one with fewer bruises. A sharp increase in spoiled ballots, public unrest, and voters feeling as if either candidate wasn’t a representation of conservative values- merely a continuation of the crash and burn legacy that Johnson has left behind for his successors to clean up.

Truss is best known for her work as International Trade Secretary, being the first person to introduce Parliament to the Trade Act of 2021, her ditsy demeanour and public speaking skills that would frankly make Thatcher turn in her grave, despite the media’s comparisons between the two female leaders.

She promises an ambitious plan on cutting taxes, delivering on the energy crisis, and dealing with the skyrocketing energy bills of this autumn.

Regardless of which of the two candidates would’ve been selected, or in a dystopian universe where the conservative government makes decisions that would help their rapidly declining reputation such as putting Kemi Badenoch to the forefront of the party, the current prime minister has to have a spirit of steel to survive and thrive in our current political and socio-economic landscape. 

The issue with the Conservative party is that the leaders of the past decade have been thrown into power without the public having the belief that they will do well in their positions. As a country, we have been reduced to the mentality of ‘let’s see if she/he proves me wrong, as opposed to having leaders go into positions of high power with the reassurance of those around them.

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In an era when inflation, the cost of living, and the housing crisis is rampant- we require a leader who would be ruthless in their convictions, competence, and ability to make diamonds out of ashes. At face value, Liz does not exert such qualities and I see a snap election on the horizon with Boris charging back in.



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