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Will the New Zealand Prime Minister Don A Head Scarf In Support of Islam After Sri Lanka?

SO THE Sri Lankan government confirms that Islamist terror group National Thowheed Jama’ath is responsible for the despicable terror blasts that killed 290 people in hotels and churches across the country.

But there is a problem in the reporting, both before the above was announced as there will be after it. For it is another Christian holy day. More Islamic terror. But an obscurantist media continues to blind the public with misinformation, or outright lies. In the UK, Theresa May delivers yet another one of her pale, meaningless, displays of fake outrage, and the West continues to crumble and burn.

This time in Sri Lanka the victims are very deliberately Christians, so they won’t even get an insipid “Je suis Sri Lanka.” The obscurantist’s mission is to never report the evil of the left or the Islamic threat.

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It happened on Easter Sunday which commemorates the Resurrection. If that is not a direct attack on Christianity, then nothing is. Islamic terrorists are sending the message that Christians are not safe in their Churches, and craven Western politicians and their lapdog media are spinning it.

When they reported the terror attacks in New Zealand, we saw a well-meaning but ultimately counter-productive attempt on the part of Western leaders to avoid encouraging rightwing extremism. But in the end these double standards only feed the self-righteousness of the far right.

Both events were atrocious. Yet it is important to be consistent to our principles and not to alter our narratives subjectively.

The perpetrators of this act of Islamic terrorism demand religious freedom and tolerance, and respect from the rest of us while not affording the same religious freedom, respect and tolerance in return.

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Will the New Zealand Prime Minister don a scarf today in support of Islam or will she come out and show some respect for the Christians who were slaughtered by it? There will be no virtue signalling points for her or the left so the actuality of the ideology that spurned these jihadis hardly made the news when news came out of who was behind it.

The reporting on this event is best summarized with the words of Rep Omar – “Some people did something” in churches in Sri Lanka on April 21st.

From listening/watching/reading the press (as they broke from discussing/analyzing the Report About Nothing ) one would think that precisely addressing the Who What and Why parts of the story was impossible because the information is unknowable.

Here is the summary of the reporting:
Who – terrorists
What – killed people
Why – totally impossible to determine
Where – Churches in Sri Lanka
When – April 21st

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The fact that this is a daily occurrence globally goes unreported.

When the supporters and defenders of Islamic fundamentalist deliberately fail to publicly acknowledge the identities of both the targets of these vicious, ideologically-motivated terrorist attacks – as well as the impetus of the murderous Muslim attackers – Democrats Obama, Hillary, et al seek yet again to consciously dehumanize the Christian-victims,
This is a strategy indicative of certain 20th century despots, who subsequently used the incredibly effective concept of dehumanization to carry out their demented “solution” and genocide against those they hated.

Will the liberal and western press mention the fact that many of the victims were celebrating Easter, or name the attackers, or explain the basis upon which they chose their targets?

We’ll have to see, but in the mean time we can reconcile ourselves with the fact that ‘some people, did something’.

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