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ZOMBIE ARMY: Arch-Remoaners Mobilise Against The British People

IT is not hard to spot a pattern when it comes to the leading figures in the Remoaning movement. They are almost, to a man, political has-beens. Nick Clegg is a brilliant example of this. Deputy PM for a time before he led his party from the dizzying heights of power to the outreaches of obscurity and irrelevance.

Currently, the Liberal Democrat conference is taking place – the only problem is that no one seems to have noticed.

Clegg has been very busy touring European cities trying to persuade other EU nations to join forces to subvert the democratically expressed will of the British people. He has met with Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Bundestag president, Peter Altmeier, the German economics minister, Sigmar Gabriel, a former German foreign minister, and senior officials in the foreign policy team of the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

He senses an opportunity to reverse Brexit: “The aim of the visits is to persuade EU leaders that British politics has made the option of remaining inside the EU viable. My primary purpose has been to get European politicians just prepared for the possibility that Britain is not capable of delivering a workable Brexit and they may need to be ready for that. It is a question of pressing them to keep open the extension of the article 50 process beyond the March deadline to give UK negotiators more time including to prepare legislation on a people’s vote.”

Clegg is also said to be working with other notable political fossils such as Tony Blair and Sir John Major – I don’t think there can be a clearer demonstration of how the Remoaners are a failed past and Brexit is Britain’s future than Mr Clegg and the company he keeps.


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